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Christmas 2018: How the world is celebrating the festive season - in pictures

Christmas is celebrated in 160 different countries around the world. looks at the weird and wonderful festivities taking place in different locations through breathtaking photographs.

From Africa to India, China to Europe, the annual holiday of Christmas is globally recognised as one of the most fun of the year.  And although the festive traditions of santa hats, presents and tinsel remain constant throughout the world, each country has its own take on the festive season. With the UK steeped in tradition and familiar comforts, it’s always an eye-opening spectacle to see how the likes of the US, Nairobi and Kenya in Africa to Bondi Beach in Australia, among others, celebrate the yuletide season.
Queen Elizabeth II poses after she recorded her annual Christmas Day message, in the White Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace in central London

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