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World's Most Famous Festivals and Celebrations | Top 10 Most Amazing Festivals Around the World: Travel Guide

David Binder once said that festivals promote diversity, they increase creativity, they bring neighbours into dialogue, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make the Earth a better place to live and he is true in every sense. Festivals are celebrations that bring us close the people; people of our home, people of our society and people of our city, and also close to our culture and traditions. The festivals give us a chance to open our hearts and celebrate life.

Every country in the world celebrates some strange, astonishing and spectacular festivals. These festivals denote their age old traditions and cultures. Some are really- really bizarre, but are fun, while some are deeply rooted to the traditions. Let’s take a look at top 10 most amazing festivals celebrated around the world-

10- Carnival of Venice – Venice, Italy
The Carnival of Venice is a spectacular festival that held every year in Venice, Italy. The tradition of the carnival celebration in Venice dates back about nine hundred years. The carnival gives everyone a chance to be free; free of all the boundations. This one day of the year, people celebrate their hearts out. They are allowed to do everything and anything without any sort of guilt as they are protected by the masks. The people in Venice come out of their homes donning a mask. various band perfomances, performances by amazing jugglers and entertainers spread across the city to entertain people. The canals get stuffed with beautiful and colorful boats. People spend their nights partying in masks.
9- Saint Patrick’s Day – Ireland
Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th of March every year in Ireland. It is a religious and cultural holiday. The festival is named after Saint Patrick who was the most recognized patron saints of Ireland. As the name suggests, Saint Patrick’s Day memorialize Saint Oatrick and advent of Christianity in Ireland. The festival also marks a celebration of the culture and heritage of the Irish. A public parade takes place. People participate in the parade wearing green attires and shamrocks, attend church services and drink alcohol.
8- Fire Festival -Up Helly Aa – Scotland
Every year on the last Tuesday of January, this festival takes place in Lerwick, Shetland. People participate in a torch- lit march and igniting of a galley. Various dancing performances and performances acts takes place throughout the Lerwick. Jarl is the main guizer which is selected by a committee.

7- Pingxi Lantern Festival – Taiwan
In the Pingxi Lantern Festival, the sky of Taiwan looks mesmerizing. The sky gets full of sky lanterns. The festival is celebrabrated to ward off diseases and evils away from the town. People decorate the lanterns by well wishes as well as images and release them into the sky. The sky gets full of lanterners and looks beautiful.
6- Harbin Ice And Snow Festival, China
The Harbin Ice and Snow festival is celebrated in Harbin, the Heilongjiang Province’s capital in the north- east China. This festival is a carnival of ice and snow. Celebrated from December to January, the festival features ice lantern shows, ice sculptures decorated with lasers and light, ice sailing, ice sliding, ice football, ice hockey and anything and everything related to ice. This festival is phenomenal.
5- Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany
The grandest beer festival across the globe, Oktberfest is celebrated every year in Munic, Bavaria, Germany.  The festival is celebrated for total 16 days starting from last September to October’s first weekend. As many as 6 million people come to be a part of Oktoberfest from across the world. People are served with huge glasses oozing out beer by gorgeous waitresses. This festival is a paradise for beer lovers.
4- Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – New Mexico, USA
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – New Mexico, USA ( image via )
During early October, the sky of New Mexico looks gorgeous; flaunting truckloads of colorful hot air balloons. Welcome to Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, one of its kind festivals held every year in New Mexico, USA. This 9 day event sends around 750 hot air balloons to the sky. It is the largest hot air balloon fest in the whole world.

3- La Tomatina, Spain
This festival is all about tomatoes, tomatoes and tomatoes. Celebrated in  Buñol, Spain. The celebration is held at patron Saint, Buñol. About 125,000kg are used in this festival. People  sqeeze, aim and throw tomatoes on each other. People celebrate this festival by tomato fights, showers, dance and music. This fun filled festival hosts thousands of participants from all over the world.

2- Holi – India
Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated every year in India. It is a hindu festival celebrated across the country. Celebrations start with Holika bonfire, a night before holi. People gather and celebrate by singing and dancing. The next comes loaded with fun and joy. People, drenched in colors meet their friends and relatives and color them . People sing, dance, chase each other to color the faces with powdered color or colored water. Children carry water guns and bombard each other with colored water- filled balloons. It is the carnival of colors.
1- Carnaval -The Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The streets of Rio de Janeiro come alive during the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. The festival is popular across the world. Thisis the largest carnival celebrated in the whole world. About two million people come down the streets of Rio de Jeneiro to celebrate this carnival. The first festival took place in the year 1823. It is celebrated in early february. It is a four day long celebration. The biggest attraction of this festival is the sexy Sambódromo parade. Groups compete against eachother to get the best “samba school” title.  Ladies sing and show their sexy moves in their wet clothes. This is the biggest celebration across the world. The Masquerade Ball is phenomenal. The carnival is all about fun, frolic, dance and music.

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