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Top 10 World's Most Famous Statues In The World | Travel Guide

Statues are the sculptures representing God, people or animals abstractly and allegorically. They are generally of full length and close or similar to life size or even larger. The definition of a statue is never precise. A very small statue which is even difficult to pick up is known as figurine or statuette. Statues have been created from ages till today.

They have different importance in different cultures. The oldest statue dates around 30,000 years ago. There are many statues commemorating a historical period or life of a pioneer and other intending the public art. Below our Frecked list the top 10 popular statues worldwide.

10- Terrace of the Lions - Delos Island, Greece
The Delos Island is considered as a historical, mythological and an archaeological site of Greece. Delos was known as a holy place million of years ago. Then it was made the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, as per Olympian Greek mythology.

The Naxos public dedicated the Terrace of the Lions to Apollo prior to 600 BC. The statue had 9-12 marble lions along with the Sacred Way. Thereafter only 5 lions survived and fragments of other lions can be found. The originals were moved in the year 1999 to the museum.
9- Little Mermaid - Denmark
The Little Mermaid, a bronze statue personifying a mermaid is in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is based exactly on the fairy tale named A Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. This small and strong statue has become a beautiful icon of Copenhagen.

It is now an important tourist attraction from the year 1913. The statue is made to sit on rocks in the harbor and is just 1.25 meters (4.1 ft) tall. It is now targeted by political activists and vandals for defacement.

8- The Thinker - Paris, France
The Thinker is a bronze statue made by Auguste Rodin. The sculpture is a life-size figure, showing a nude male sitting on one rock having his chin resting on hand as if deeply thinking something. It also represents philosophy. The figure has a height of 186 cm (73 in). Rodin made the first part in the year 1880, but it was completed by the year 1904.
7- Motherland Calls - Volgograd, Russia
This statue is located in Volgograd which was earlier known as Stalingrad. It commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad. In the year 1967, it was declared as the largest non-religious statue having a height of 85 meters or 279 feet. Every previous record holder statue was a Buddhism-related figure. When compared with the other taller statues, this Motherland Calls statue is more compound from an engineer’s view point because of its gesture having sword in right hand and calling posture made by left hand. From bottom to the top, there are 200 steps, symbolizing the Battle of Stalingrad of 200 days.
6- Olmec colossal heads - Mexico
Olmecs were the ancient Pre-Columbian that lived in the tropical lands of south-central Mexico, which are now
Tabasco and Veracruz states of Mexico. The Olmec period flourished from 1400 BC to 400 BC. The most popular aspect of Olmec period is the helmeted heads.

The heads are known to be the portraits of pioneers. Each head is different from the other. Helmet-like head gears are adorned with different elements. 17 colossal head structures have been found ranging from 3.4 m high, being the tallest to 1.47 m shortest.
5- David Statue - Italy
The David Statue is the centre of attraction of Renaissance sculpture which was made between the year 1501 to 1504, by a very renowned Italian artist named Michelangelo. It is a marble statue, of around 5.17-metre (17.0 ft) height, representing a standing nude body of male which is of the Biblical hero David. The statue can be found in Accademia Gallery, Florence. It is kept there since 1873.
4- Moai- Easter Island
The Moai statues are made by Rapa Nui public from the rocks from the year 1250 to 1500. All Moai have oversized heads which are three-eighths of the full size of statues. The tallest of all Moai erected is called Paro.

It was around 10 meters or 33 ft high. It weighed around 75 tonnes. The heaviest Moai ever erected was a squatter one weighing 86 tons which was incomplete. If it had been completed, it would be around 21 meters or 69 ft tall, weighing around 270 tons.

3- Great Sphinx Of Giza - Egypt
The Great Sphinx statue or commonly known as Sphinx, is a limestone statue of a lion’s body with a human head. The statue is of a mythical creature. It is located on Giza plateau of Nile in Giza, Egypt. It is considered to be the largest monolith statue of the world having height of 20.22 m or 66.34 ft and width of 19.3 metres or 63 ft. It is the oldest monumental figure built by Egyptians during 2558–2532 BC
2- Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This statue is the world’s biggest Art Deco sculpture and Jesus’s fifth biggest statue in the world. It has a height of 30 metres or 98 ft excluding it’s 8 metres pedestal.

The arms are around 28 metres or 92 ft wide. It is situated at the height of 700-metre, which is the peak of Corcovado mountain. The statue has became the centre of attraction of Rio de Janeiro. It was created between years 1926 to 1931.
1- Statue of Liberty - New York, United States
Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island of Manhattan. It was dedicated as a gift by the public of France to United States on October 28, 1886. It was given on the occasion of 100 years anniversary of signing the United States Declaration of Independence. The statue represents the Independence or Liberty and is a welcoming icon for the immigrants to Unites States.
We hope that this article provided you the necessary briefing about the important statues of the world.

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