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Super Sexy Hottest Girls of Australia | Top 10 Most Beautiful Australian Women Models

Australia, the place everything is looking to kill you, if you think your neighbourhood is dangerous, think again. Australia is well known for its outrageously dangerous animals from vipers to scorpion. But they do they have koalas and kangaroos, which are cute I guess, but wait those are dangerous too, everything in Australia cute or not will try to kill you.

But the people are friendly though, they are known to be competitive and enthusiastically patriotic, which has lead them to be the leading figure in many sports. And of course, Australia’s beauty is second to none, you would agree if you have ever visited Australia in the spring time.
It’s no wonder why many people choose Australia as their holiday destination, the wildlife along with the local culture provide a unique experience to everyone. Talking about Australia’s beauty, it has some outright gorgeous women who are known worldwide for their aggressive appeal and taunting beauty. SO, have you been wondering who is the most beautiful women in Australia, search no further, we have compiled a top ten list of the most beautiful women in Australia to aid in you in your search. Download free HD wallpapers and photos of Australian actress and super models for desktop, android mobile phones and iOS mobiles.
List of Contents

10  Holly Valance
9  Emilie De Ravin
8  Emily Scott
7  Krystal Forscutt
6  Nathalie Kelley
5  Abbie Cornish
4 Rachael Taylor
3  Melissa George
2  Jessica Gomes
1  Miranda Kerr

10- Holly Valance
Birth Name: Holly Rachel Vukadinović
Age: 35, born 11 May 1983
Country of origin: Australia
Currently Residing In: United Kingdom
Height: 5' 8"
Relationship Status: Married
Partner: Nick Candy
The Australian actress whose birth name is Holly Rachel Candy was born on 11th May, 1983. Her sister, Olympia is also an actress, well known for her role in Neighbours as Paige Smith. She along with her two sisters has a dual British-Australian citizenship.

She started her career as a teenager in the Australian soap Neighbours as “Flick” Sully. She discontinued her gig to pursue a musical career in 2002, her first single was Kiss Kiss, which went on to be featured in top ten in seventeen countries and was nominated for four ARIA Music Awards.
She was dropped by her recording company after relatively poor albums in 2003. She made her film appearance in Prison Break in 2006 as Nika Volek, which she continued to the second season. She also played Christie in Dead or Alive the film adaptation of the videogame of the same name, she also played Brenda Snow in the popular videogame Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. Some of her other big projects are Big Momma’s Boy and Taken.

9- Emilie De Ravin
Birth Name: Emilie de Ravin
Age: 36, born 27 December 1981
Country of origin: Australia
Currently Residing In: United States
Height: 5' 2"
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Partner: Eric Bilitch
The 25-year-old actress is best known for her role as Claire Littleton in ABC’s Lost. Little known fact is that she is also a ballet dancer; she has been learning ballet since she was nine and has performed in The Australian Ballet and Danceworld 301.

She landed her first big role in TV series Beastmaster as Curupira. And the very next gig was Lost in which she struck gold, as it went on to become a huge success. Her film debut was in 2005 in the film Brick as Emily Kostich. A year later, she landed the lead role in the remake of the movie The Hills Have Eyes, which was a huge box office success. She also features in Lost videogame adaptation as Claire Littleton.

8- Emily Scott
Birth Name: Emily Scott
Age: 35, born 3 June 1983
Born and residing in: Australia
Height: 5' 8"
Relationship Status: Single
The multi-talented Australian TV personality is also a model, DJ and record producer. She toured Europe, Asia and Australia as a DJ, her mix compilation CD called “Clublife” is currently available on iTunes. And who can forget her getting a Koi tattoo in London Ink.

She featured in the second season of the BOB series Cirque de Celebrite on Sky One. In 2009, she joined the Australian Dancing with Stars, which was short lived as she got eliminated within 20 days. She went on to participate in “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”, which too was short lived as she was voted out by 29th November of the same year, but she met her ex-husband Ritchie Neville in this show, but they split after four months.

7- Krystal Forscutt
Birth Name: Krystal Forscutt
Age: 32, born 12 July 1986
Country of origin: Australia
Height: 5' 6"
She is a reality TV contestant and model; she is currently 20 years old. She started off her modelling career by appearing in men’s magazine Zoo Weekly, FHM and Ralph. In 2006 she gained fame due to her appearance in Australian Big Brother and It Takes Two.
She got her breast size increased with breast implants in the same year. She has also appeared in the videogame Need for Speed: ProStreet, making her the first Australian to appear in a videogame. In 2010, she announced her venture into the music industry.
She was supposedly part of the girl band “Video Girl” in which she would both sing and DJ in group, unfortunately it never came to be.

6- Nathalie Kelley
Age: 33, born 3 March 1985
Country of origin: Peru
Currently Residing In: United States
Height: 5' 7"
Relationship Status: Single
Infamous for her gig in the action film Neela in 2006 and The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, the 21-year-old Peruvian Australian heroine had dreamed about being an actor since she was two years old.
She became a great salsa performer by the age of sixteen to fund her own education, and the “Miss Latin America contest” also provided her with a much needed dollar 1000, after which she moved to Brazil and was shocked by what she saw their and she came back to earn herself a social science degree from the University of New South Whales.
It was not until 2006 that she got a break through with the movie Fast and Furious that took her career to the next level. She has also featured in Bruno Mar’s Just the Way You Are.

5- Abbie Cornish
Age: 36, born 7 August 1982
Country of origin: Australia
Height: 5' 8"
Abbie Cornish one of the best female rapper in the world. Although her actual name is Abbie Cornish she is popular among her fans by her stage name Dusk. Born in 1982, Abbie is also a professional actress. Abbie grew up in a farm with her family and her love towards animas made her choose a vegan diet from a very young age.

Even though she is a rapper now, Abbie initially started off her career as a model in had contracts with many fashion magazines. She has even appeared in several TV shows like Wildside, Marking time and Klondike.
After gaining immense popularity and a successful career in Australia, Abbie moved to Hollywood to further enhance her career. Abbie has ever since have starred alongside big names in Hollywood and won several of the major awards in Hollywood as well as Australia.

4- Rachael Taylor
Birth Name: Rachael May Taylor
Age: 34, born 11 July 1984
Country of origin: Australia
Currently Residing In: United States
Height: 5' 8"
Relationship Status: Single
Rachael chose she wanted to be an actress back in her high school days and worked very hard to achieve her goal. And her stunning beauty made sure she Aced her career. Originally from Launceston, Tasmania; Rachel Switched to Hollywood after brief period of time as a famous actress in Australia.

She then got an opportunity to showcase her beauty and talent in the international level in the year 2004 when she was casted in the movie Man-Thing. She made most of this opportunity and received great reviews from fans and critics as well.From then on, she became one the best actress in Hollywood and appeared in various movies like Transformers, Ghost machines, The Darkest Hour, The loft and many more. She has also appeared in TV shows Grey’s Anatomy, Charlie’s Angels and Jessica Jones.
3- Melissa George
Birth Name: Melissa Suzanne George
Age: 42, born 6 August 1976
Country of origin: Australia
Currently Residing In: United States
Height: 5' 7"
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Partner: Jean-David Blanc
This Australian actress was formerly a national roller-skating champion and won several awards for the same before entering into modelling. Even though she is away from the limelight for the past few years, she is still one of the most popular women in Australia.

Melissa too like most other Australian actress moved to Hollywood during the peak of her career and made quite a bit of name for herself as a good actress and a charming and beautiful woman. She appeared in movies like Felony, Triangle and Derailed.

2- Jessica Gomes
Birth Name: Jessica Gomes
Age: 33, born 25 September 1985
Country of origin: Australia
Currently Residing In: United States
Height: 5' 9"
Relationship Status: Single
Jessica Gomes is widely popular and the most sought after model in Australia and Asia. She is so beautiful, sexy and glamorous, she had absolutely taken over the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, appearing in it continuously from 2008 to 2015. She is also listed in several ‘World’s Most Desirable Women’ list.
This ‘beauty in a swimsuit’ has immense popularity in South Korea and has a large fan base there. She also made her impact in America, appearing in several Fashion catalogues like Vogue and Victoria’s Secret Catalogue.

1- Miranda Kerr
Birth Name: Miranda May Kerr
Age: 35, born 20 April 1983
Country of origin: Australia
Currently Residing In: United States
Height: 5' 9"
Relationship Status: Married
Partner: Evan Spiegel
This blue-eyed goddess of beauty is truly the most beautiful women in Australia. As a model, it didn’t take her very long to become famous because as soon as she got into modelling she was chosen as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angel.
She also became the first model from Australia to become so. She is currently among the paid models in the world according to the Forbes and has her own brand of organic skincare product named KORA Organics.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Australian Women

Sr No. Names
1 Miranda Kerr
2 Jessica Gomes
3 Melissa George
4 Rachael Taylor
5 Abbie Cornish
6 Nathalie Kelley
7 Krystal Forscutt
8 Emily Scott
9 Emilie De Ravin
10 Holly Valance

Women from Australia is known around the world for their beauty, intelligence and independence. They are among the top names when it comes to acting, modelling and sports. Most of the women here are educated and intellectual and thus most of them are well acquainted with the latest fashion trends. In recent years the fashion industry has grown rapidly in Australia and it’s no surprise that most of the world class models are from here

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