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Nude photos of the stars of “Game of thrones” leaked on to the Network by Olga Vlasova

Kit Harington spent the night with ex-member of “House-2”.

In the role of Jon snow in the cult TV series “Game of thrones” kit Harington, who recently married a colleague on the series, spent the night with a former member of the controversial Russian show “Dom-2” Olga Vlasova.

This was reported by the star electroni.
The girl claims that the actor she met in Luxembourg. They immediately liked each other and sympathy quickly turned into a love affair. In proof of his words, Olga provided a photo, where Keith is depicted completely naked. Vlasov also noted that Harrington was not very good lover.
“I was very pleased to talk personally with the role of John snow. We instantly hit it off and the matter quickly came to the bed. However, in intimate terms, he has disappointed me. Not like a man to me one of growth,” – said the ex-participant of “House-2”. “In my mind, Keith was kind of like a hero-lover, but in reality everything turned out differently. We still talk, but the sexual attraction I have for him is no more. Don’t even know who now want to”, she added.

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