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WWE superstar Aiden English hints at ‘one night in Milwaukee’ sex tape with Lana on SmackDown Live

It was another stellar night of action building towards WWE’s Super Show-Down in Melbourne on October 6

IT’S been another night of stellar action and drama on SmackDown LIVE – all building towards WWE’s Super Show-Down in Melbourne on October 6.

Here are five things we learnt from SmackDown last night.

AJ Styles waiting for Samoa Joe to join him in the ring and sign the contract for their WWE title match at Super Show-Down. But Joe didn’t turn up.

Instead, he appeared on the big screen (apparently Joe can make video calls directly to the Titan Tron) and sent a chilling message to the “Phenomenal One”.
He was outside Styles’ house, threatening to bust in and terrorise AJ’s family. AJ sold it well, as he begged Joe to leave his family alone.

Joe resisted the temptation to invade Joe’s home (a staple of “personal” WWE feuds over the years) and instead rang the doorbell.

He simply said “Daddy’s home” as the show went off-air.

Aiden English and Lana had “one night in Milwaukee”… and he has video proof
Aiden English blamed Lana for the souring relationship between him and Rusev – which ultimately led to English attacking his longtime pal from behind last week.

English said to Rusev: “Things were so much better when it was just you and me… not you, me, and her.”

Lana fired back by calling English a “glorified cheerleader” and reminded fans that she arranged for Rusev to have a tank and WrestleMania years before English showed up.

(Fair shout, that was pretty epic.)

But English said that if Lana is so honest, why not tell Rusev about that “one night in Milwaukee” and later claimed to have video proof – and he’ll reveal it next week.

Meanwhile, Becky Lynch – who’d already laid out Charlotte at a photoshoot earlier that day – defeated Lana in one-on-one action, forcing Lana to tap to the Dis-Arm-Her.

Randy Orton’s latest target is a 5/10
After sending Jeff Hardy to the hospital at Hell in a Cell, Orton’s mission to destroy WWE’s heroes continues. Now he’s struck, erm, Tye Dillinger…?

Perfect 10? C’mon, Randy, you can do better than that – Dillinger hasn’t barely been on TV for about six months.

The attack came as Dillinger faced US champ Shinsuke Nakamura, with Orton jumping in the ring to hit Tye with stomps and a draping a DDT to the floor.

After the beating was finished, Nakamura nailed Dillinger with a Kinshasa knee for good measure.

Is Nakamura in league with Orton? Or is he still playing second fiddle with no storyline of his own?

The Miz has won back the rights to Miz TV
R-Truth took Miz’s usual talk show spot by launching his own “Truth TV”, along with a new-look Carmella.

Truth interviewed Daniel Bryan in his usual barmy style, and paused the interview mid-way for a “dance break”.

He promised a segment with some animals as well, but had to scrap it when Miz interrupted and ate up too much airtime badmouthing Truth and Bryan.

(Truth was fantastic in this segment – he’s got far more charisma on the mic that WWE realises.)

Miz then wrestled Truth for the right to host a regular chat show segment.

But with Bryan on commentary, Miz won the match by using Bryan’s own running knee finisher. Expect Miz TV to return next week.

The Bar are 2-0 over The New Day
The New Day defend their tag titles against Sheamus and Cesaro at Super Show-Down next week, but The Bar already have the momentum.

Last week Cesaro beat Kofi in singles action, and last night Sheamus defeated Big E.

(The New Day scored a pre-match victory with some amusing banter though, saying that Cesaro looked like a “Swiss Jason Statham”.)

All this momentum is surely a diversion though. Usual WWE booking logic says The New Day will retain the titles.

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