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Lesbians Celebrities? | Top 10 Hottest From Around The World

Hey, wanna see some hot lesbians? We aren't gonna show you a bunch of famous bisexual celebrities who know nothing about being in love with a girl. A girl can't be called a lesbian just because she slept with another girl for once or twice! Do you agree? Lesbianism, as you know, is a lifestyle - and it is a lot more than just sex and romance. This topic is also going to help you know about lesbians (not bisexuals) who belong to different walks of life. You also get an opportunity to discover some of the hottest lesbian girls from various countries around the world! Alrighty, then! Check these 12 hottest lesbians who love to take bumper to bumper!

10.Jasika Nicole
Jasika Nicole is an American actress who is best known for portraying Astrid Farnsworth in the American science fiction television series, "Fringe," aired between 2008 and 2013. She is now playing a recurring role on the period drama TV series, "Underground." She has appeared in a few low-budget Hollywood films as well. Jasika Nicole is an openly gay American actress. She married her longtime girlfriend, Claire Savage, in 2013. The 37-year-old has a matured and sexy appearance that makes her one the hottest lesbian celebrities in the world.

9.Jessica Clark
Jessica Clark is an English actress of Irish and Indian descent. Clark is one of the very few openly lesbian actors in the United Kingdom. Between the years 2004 and 2014, Jessica Clark appeared in many TV shows like True Blood, State of Georgia, and Sara. Jessica Clark first gained global attention when she was chosen to be the female lead in Usher's 2004 song, "Burn." Jessica Clark is now a content contributor at, a lesbian lifestyle centered website. Clark married notable fitness professional Lacey Stone in 2010 and divorced her in 2012.

8.Kayla Ferrel
Kayla Ferrel was an ANTM (America's Next Top Model) Cycle 15 (2010) contestant. The tall and slim model with sharp facial features was one of the top attractions of ANTM Cycle 15. Ferrel announced her lesbian sexuality on the same show. She even explained to judges how difficult her childhood was as a single mother raised her with little financial resources. Kayla revealed that she had slept in a small sleeping bag until she was thirteen as her family lacked a bed to sleep on. Unfortunately, she didn't win the title. The fact that she is nowhere seen on the internet lately gives us an impression that she may have failed to bank on whatever popularity she gained from ANTM.

7.Lady Sovereign
Louis Amanda Harman, who is better known by her stage name, Lady Sovereign, is a notable English rapper. Her first album, "Public Hating," was a hit in the United Kingdom and the United States. She hasn't been professionally active lately, but the "Love Me or Hate Me" singer is hinting about a possible comeback into the music industry soon. Lady Sovereign came out as gay in a 2010 interview with Diva magazine. The 30-year-old Londoner does look beautiful, and she is inarguably one of the hottest lesbians in the world.

6.Ellen Page
The Canadian actress is the most famous lesbian on this topic, and perhaps, she doesn't need a special introduction! Ellen Page announced that she was gay during "Time to Thrive" conference, held in Las Vegas, in 2014. Since 2015, Ellen Page has been in a relationship with Samantha Thomas, an artist, avid surfer, and an obsessive traveler! Ever since Ellen Page revealed her sexuality, she has been taking the love of her life, Samantha, to wherever she goes, from a high-profile awards ceremony to expensive holiday trips.

5.Jennifer Knapp
The 43-year-old American-Australian singer and songwriter, Jennifer Knapp, was once a notable face in Christian music circles. Knapp announced that she was a lesbian in 2010, and her revelation forced her out of the devotional music domain. She tried her luck by releasing a couple of non-religious music albums a couple of years after coming out as gay, but they weren't successful. Jennifer Knapp was born in Chanute, Kansas, but she moved to Australia in 2002 and received Australian citizenship in the subsequent years. Currently, Jennifer Knapp runs an advocacy group that brings religious people belonging to LGBT community under roof.

4.Kim Stolz
Kim Stolz is a former American model who first rose to prominence when she appeared on the reality television series, America's Next Top Model. She famously modeled for leading American and global brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, GO Magazine, American Eagle Outfitters, and Teen Vogue. Kim Stolz had a surprisingly strong professional background that fetched her top jobs in Citigroup and Bank of America in the recent years. Kim Stolz is currently leading Bank of America's EMEA Equity Derivative Hedge Fund Sales. The 33-year-old former model is now in a marital relationship with Cary Gibson.

3.Kaki King
Katherine Elizabeth King, popularly known as Kaki King, is a well-known American singer and guitarist. Since her debut in 2001, King has released ten music albums and has performed numerous times live on stage. More than her music albums, Kaki is best known for her live performances. In 2006, Rolling Stone named her one of "The New Guitar Gods." She was the youngest person as well as the only woman on that list. Kaki is openly gay, and she married her longtime girlfriend, Jessica Templin, in 2012. The 37-year-old singer looks slim and sexy, and that is the reason why she secured a spot on this topic!

2.Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon is an American comedian and a television personality. Kate is the first openly lesbian to be cast in Saturday Night Live. She is also a cast member of "The Big Gay Sketch Show," an LGBT-themed comedy show that is aired on Logo TV. She famously portrayed Dr. Jillian Holtzmann in the 2016 supernatural comedy film, Ghostbusters. The 33-year-old television personality from New York looks gorgeous, thanks to her beautiful smile and lovely blue eyes! McKinnon's fear of social media has stopped her from being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

1.Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose is a famous Australian model and TV personality. Rose rose to fame when MTV Australia had chosen her as a VJ for one of its shows, and since then, the 31-year-old Aussie girl has never looked back. She soon became a brand representative of Maybelline, New York, in Australia. Ruby Rose has appeared in a dozen plus TV shows, a few movies, and importantly, the star graced numerous high profile fashion events as a professional model over the past few years. Rose is famous in the United States for portraying Stella Carlin on the "Orange is the New Black" TV show. Ruby Rose came out as gay when she was only 12 years old. Rose suffered from numerous psychological illnesses during her younger years, and she even attempted to kill herself once. The good news is that Ruby Rose is now fine and happy!

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