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Top 10 Hottest and Beautiful Mexican Women | Sexist Hollywood Actresses from Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country with some of the most beautiful people of the world. The people of Mexico are not only beautiful, but they are sweet as well. This American country is popular for a number of things throughout the world. However, the most popular aspect of this beautiful country is its beautiful women. Yes, this land is full of beautiful women. The Mexican women are known throughout the world for their beauty and elegance. Also, Mexico is a land full of talent. Thus, when this beauty and talent are merged together, the results are incredible.

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A number of Mexican women have made a huge name for themselves and garnered popularity throughout the world by making it to Hollywood, modelling as well as the fashion world. Hollywood entertains a number of Mexican beauties who are an epitome of beauty and sex appeal. These women have created a huge fandom for themselves by the way of both their beauty and talent. Following is the list of top ten hottest and the most beautiful actresses of Mexican origin.
Top 10 Hottest and Beautiful Mexican Actresses

10- Dulce Maria:
Dulce Maria is considered as the tenth hottest and the most beautiful Mexican actress today. This lady is not just an actress but an established singer and songwriter as well. Dulce has been a part of a number of music projects which helped her gain a lot of popularity, thereby creating a good fan base for her. She began to come into limelight from a very popular telenovela namely Rebelde.
She has received a number of awards for her performance in this telenovela. She has also been a part of the Universal Music where she released two of her best albums namely, Extranjera and Sin Fronteras. This lady is pretty with an amazing body frame and a beautiful voice. She is simply beautiful. Her popularity is not restricted up to Mexico but she is also very famous in the countries like Romania, Serbia, South America, United States as well Spain.
9- Camila Sodi:
Born and brought up in Mexico, Camila Sodi is considered as the ninth hottest and the most beautiful Mexican actress. Apart from being an actress, she also happens to be a fine singer and a polished model. Interestingly, she is the niece of the famous singer and actress Thalia.
She took up her career of modeling at a very young age and was also casted in a music video in a show on the Mexican cable network. Soon after being recognized by the producers, she was given a break in the telenovela Inocente de Ti. Speaking about her personal life, she was married to the Mexican actor Diego Luna and had two kids with him. However, the couple was divorced in the year 2013.

8- Carolina Tejera:
Nelly Carolina Tejera, also known as Carolina Tejera is the eighth hottest and the most beautiful Mexican actress at present. She is popularly known for her role as Eva Granados in the famous telenova namely Gata Salvaje. She is half-Mexican and half-Spanish as her mother hails from Spain and father from Mexico.
This pretty actress has worked in a number of Mexican movies and telenovas such as Lola..Erase una vez, Inocente de ti, Carissima, Le mujer de Lorenzo and many others where she had played the role of antagonist. She got married to the rich businessman and had a baby boy with him. However, the couple soon got separated.

7- Ninel Conde:
Nindel Conde, the bold and the beautiful is considered as the seventh hottest and the beautiful Mexican actress as of now. Her big boobs grow up her beauty. She is not just a talented actress, but a singer and a television host as well who is mainly popular for her performances in Mar de amor, Rebelde, Porgue el amor manda as well as Fuego en la sangre. She had also participated in the third edition of the famous reality TV show namely Big Brother VIP where she was eliminated after a confinement of 43 days.
She has been praised for a number of roles and has also been nominated in the prestigious TVYNovelas awards under the category of ‘best leading actress’. She is one amazingly talented lady who is not just hard-working but drop dead gorgeous as well.

6- Aleida Nunez:
Aleida Nunez is a popular Mexican model, singer and actress who is considered as the fifth hottest and beautiful Mexican actress. Although her niche is modelling, she has also acted in some countable telenovelas. She has been a pageant queen in a number of regional contests from a very young age.
She has also been a famous runway and advertisement model. But soon she quit modelling and started experimenting in the field of acting. She is not only known for her beautiful face but a slender figure and an amazing fashion sense as well.

5- Mariana Bayon:
The beautiful Mariana Bayon is referred to as the fifth hottest and beautiful Mexican actress. She is a famous Mexican model who is best known for winning the very first cycle of Mexico’s Next Top Model which was then hosted by Elsa Benitez. Although she had a very disturbing personal life since a very young age, yet she managed to keep her positive attitude all the while and eventually made a big name for herself.
Apart from being a sexy model, she is a strong soccer player as well. She received a contract of whopping $100,000 on winning the Top Model pageant. Not only this, she also received a representation by Shock Modelling which is considered as one of the top modelling agencies of Mexico.

4- Selena Gomez:
This beautiful woman doesn’t need an introduction at all. She has become a sensation all over the world as a result of her amazing looks, superior fashion sense and a mesmerizing voice. Selena Gomez has been ranked as the fourth hottest and beautiful Mexican actress. She started off her career in acting when she appeared as a child in the children’s TV series called Barney and Friends. Later on, she went on grabbing the leading role in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place.
After receiving immense of success and popularity from this TV show, she was flooded with television and movie offers. After acting, she also began to experiment with singing and this lady received immense of success and popularity here as well. Today, she is considered as one of the finest singers in the American Music Industry. Apart from her acting and singing skills, she is also very popular for her amazing fashion sense.

3- Thalia:
Thalia is a very popular Mexican singer who happens to be the third hottest and beautiful Mexican figure. Apart from being a successful singer, she is also a known actress, author, songwriter, entrepreneur, radio presenter and fashion designer. This multi-talented lady is astoundingly beautiful with a mesmerizing personality and a lovely voice. She has sung different songs in a number of languages including Mexican, English, Spanish, French, Filipino and Portuguese.
In the Mexican music industry, she is considered as one of the most influential singers and songwriters. She is also referred to as the ‘Queen of Latin Pop’ by her fans as well as international media. She has sold around 40 million records worldwide as a solo artist and has received a number of applauds and awards including the Latin Grammy and Billboard Latin Music Awards.
2- Jessica Alba:
This popular American actress, model and businesswoman hails from Mexico and is considered as the second hottest and beautiful Mexican actress at present. Jessica took up her career of acting at a very young age when she was only 13 years old. Soon, she began to be a part of some of the most famous and established production houses.
She was featured in the James Cameron Television series called Dark Angel when she was only 19 years old. Later on, she became a part of some of the most successful and popular Hollywood movies

1- Salma Hayek:
Salma Hayek is the most beautiful and hottest Mexican actress. She is also known as sexist big boobs actress in Hollywood film industry. Apart from being a successful actress, she is also a producer and a former model. She started off with her career in the telenovela called Teresa and later on acted in a Mexican movie called El Callejon de los Milagros. Her acting skills in this movie gave her a nomination for an Ariel Award. She further moved to Hollywood and that’s where her real success journey started from. Her roles in the movies like Dogma, Wild Wild West and Desperado made her win a number of accolades from her fans as well as critics.

Her most important role in the entire career was in the movie Frida where she acted as a Mexican painter. She received nominations in the category of Best Actress in the Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Awards, BAFTA Awards and many others. This lady is an inborn sexy female and entertains a huge male fan-following. Apart from her bold and gorgeous looks, she is also known for her amazing fashion sense.

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