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Top 10 Celebrity Couples With Unbelievably Big Age Gaps | Hollywood Older Man Younger Woman Marriage

Imagine what treatment your friend will get from her family, friends and society if she marries a man who is twice her age! We are assured many people start judging her that she married the man because of his wealth! Although marriages with significant age gaps aren't uncommon in many countries and cultures, we still get amused when someone from our friends or family does that. Many people believe that two years is an ideal age gap between a man and woman, and four years is the maximum. In general, men are superior to their partners in terms of age. When a woman is the senior of the couple, well, it looks little odd although it isn't uncommon.

Age is just a number with no significance when it comes to celebrity marriages. Big age gaps don't stop celebrities from marrying their loved ones. They don't care what others would think about them. The younger partner in such marriages receives a lot of criticism; Crystal Harris for example. Celebs like Hugh Hefner have no problem marrying a girl who is young enough to be their granddaughter. The 30-year-old Harris has received a lot of criticism from all over the world for marrying 90-year-old Hugh Hefner. Well, Hefner is not alone! Here are fifteen celebrity couples with huge age gaps.

10- Johnny Depp & Amber Heard
Married: February 3, 2015
Johnny Depp's Age When Married: 52 Years
Amber Heard's Age When Married: 29 Years
Age Gap: 23 Years
Status: Divorced 
Johnny Depp married Amber Heard earlier this year (2015). Amber Heard very recently responded to rumors about her marriage problems, saying she and her husband are living happily.

9- Harrison Ford And Calista Flockhart
Married: June 15, 2010
Harrison Ford's Age When Married: 68 Years
Calista Flockhart's Age When Married: 46 Years
Age Gap: 22 Years
Status: Still Married
Harrison Ford went through one of the most expensive divorce with her former wife Melissa Mathison before marrying Calista. The couple dated for over eight years before getting married in 2010. If recent reports on the internet are to be believed, the couple's marriage is in trouble.

8- Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness
Married: April 11, 1996
Hugh Jackman's Age When Married: 28 Years
Deborra-Lee Furness's Age When Married: 41 Years
Age Gap: 13 Years
Status: Still Married
Former Teacher Hugh Jackman married Australian director, producer and actress Deborra-Lee Furness in 1996.  Hugh Jackman is one of the very few male celebrities who married a woman who is older than them. In Jackman's case, Deborra-Lee Furness is 13 years senior to him. Many people around the world, particularly Hugh Jackman's fans, call Deborra-Lee Furness lucky. However, 'The Wolverine' star thinks he is lucky to have her as his wife!
The couple fell in love while they were filming for an Australian television series named Correlli. Hugh Jackman is now 53 years old, and Deborra is 60 years old. They are a happy couple! Deborra had problems getting pregnant, so the couple adopted two mixed-race kids. 

7- Hugh Hefner & Crystal Hefner (Harris)
Hugh Hefner's Age When Married: 86 Years
Crystal Hefner's Age When Married: 26 Years
Age Gap: 60 Years 
Status: Still married
"I married him for security." - That was her answer when media questioned her why she married an old man like Hugh Hefner!

6- Patrick Stewart And Sunny Ozell
Married: September 7, 2013
Patrick Stewart's Age When Married: 73 Years
Sunny Ozell's Age When Married: 35 Years
Age Gap: 38 Years
Status: Still married
Sunny Ozell is a Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter. She met Patrick Stewart in 2008 at an art theater in New York. Soon after, the couple started dating. After dating for five years, Sunny Ozell and Patrick Stewart got married in 2013. The age gap between the couple is 35 years! Patrick Stewart had reportedly taken advice from many people before going ahead with the marriage. He had some worries in the past about marrying a young girl, but the Star Trek star is leading a happy married life now! 

5- Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn
Married: 1997
Woody Allen's Age When Married: 62 Years
Soon Yi Previn's Age When Married: 23 Years
Age Gap: 39 Years
Status: Still married
Well, Woody Allen and Soon Yi-Previn's relationship is creepier than what you think. The age gap isn't the only thing; there's something else that isn't just right with the marriage.  Soon Yi-Previn is adopted daughter of former actress and fashion model Mia Farrow. Woody Allen dated Mia Farrow in the 80s, and this was when he met Soon Yi. She is his stepdaughter, but Woody continued his inappropriate relationship with her anyway. Woody Allen married Previn(stepdaughter) in 1997.

4- Celine Dion And Rene Angelil
Married: December 17, 1994
Celine Dion's Age When Married: 26 Years
Rene Angelil's Age When Married: 52 Years
Age Gap: 26 Years
Status: Still married
Rene Angelil is the former manager of Celine Dion. He first met her when she was 12. Fourteen years later, they got married. 

3- Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones
Married: November 18, 2000
Michael Douglas's Age When Married: 56 Years
Catherine Zeta-Jones Age When Married: 31 Years
Age Gap: 25 Years
Status: Still married
The couple went through a rough time in 2013 but got their relationship back on track later.

2- Bruce Willis & Emma Heming
Married: March 27, 2009 
Bruce Willis's Age When Married: 54 Years
Emma Heming's Age When Married: 31 Years
Age Gap: 23 Years
Status: Still married
Emma Heming is an English model and actress.This is Bruce Willis's second marriage after he divorced actress Demi Moore in 2000.

1- Steve Martin & Anne Stringfield
Married: July 28, 2007. 
Steven Martin's Age When Married: 62 Years
Anne Springfield's Age When Married: 36 Years
Age Gap: 26 Years
Status: Still married
The couple dated for three years before getting married in 2007. Steve Martin previously married actress Victoria Tenant. It was Anne Springfield's first marriage, who is a writer.

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