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Hottest & Sexiest Celebrities of Finland | Top 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Women

The country with the best education system in the world has other merits associated with it, such as the scenic beauty of its sub-urban regions, its cultural landmarks which stand out from its icy background and to forget its beautiful women who have been known worldwide to be extremely beautiful with their Rapunzel like hair and bodies that would make even models envy them. And it’s not a surprise that they are very smart, coming from the country with the best education.
Finnish people have always known to strive to be the best in everything, including being the most attractive, with its winter-land scenery and its outright gorgeous women we can safely assume that they are very close to the top in that category too.

Just in case, you have been wondering who are the most beautiful women, from the land of the smart? Here is our list on the Top 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Women:

10- Viivi Avellan
Birth Name: Viivi Avellan
Age: 41, born 3 June 1977
Country of origin:  Finland
Occupation: Journalist
The 39 year old Finnish journalist and TV hosting entrepreneur was born on 3rd June 1977. The former sports news hostess from Nelonen TV channel is said to be brave and independent women, who strives and works towards the empowerment of women and helps many women in Finland to take the right career path. Her book SinkkunaisenKasikirja which became very popular is a handbook for single women looking for a motivational uplift. Her unique tenacity and beauty gave her an opportunity to participate in the center-right elections on the European Parliament. Her legendary bravery can be traced back to her stand against the acquisitions and the misinterpretation of her statements.

9- Sara Sieppi
Birth Name: Sara Josefina Sieppi
Age: 27, born 3 June 1991
Country of origin:  Finland
Occupation: Fashion Model
Her birth name is Sara Josefina Snitch and was born on 3rd June 1991. The 25-year-old women is best known for being an exceptional makeup artist, she won the 2011 Miss Finnish and was crowned Miss Finland the same year, but she later goes on to give it up on 16th September 2011 because of various controversies that came along with it. She then tried her magic in the Miss World contest and finished in the 110th position. This is when she started venturing into the show biz, she was featured in shows such as jungle starlets, Celebrity Big Brother and Martina and lifeguards.
She has worked as a presenter in Nelonen TV channel, Ummikot abroad and Paradise hotel. She made her way to the finals of the 2016 Miss Helsinki contest.

8- Pihla viitala
Age: 36, born 30 September 1982
Country of origin:  Finland
Height: 5' 6"
Occupation: Actress

The gorgeous actress from Finland was born on 30th September 1982. She is the cousin of Rebecca Viitala, also an actress. She was trained in the art of acting in the Helsinki Theater Academy, one of the finest in Finland. Currently, she most well-known for her work in Hansel and Gretel in which she played the role of Mina.

She was married to kerkkokoskinin for four years. in 2012, she became a mother after giving birth to her daughter, Astrid. Some of her other projects include Jungles of Dreams, Bad Family, The Hustlers, Red Sky, Must Have been Love, Hellfjord and Mustatlesket.

7- Noora Hautakangas
Age: 34, born 22 March 1984
Country of origin:  Finland
Occupation: Actress
The Miss Finland 2007 was born in 1984. She also represented her country in the 2007 Miss Universe. This beautiful woman is currently studying at Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia to acquire a degree in prosthetics and orthotics. Beauty and Brains what’s not to like about this woman. Her unique persona and a stunning body make her a sight to behold. This lovely lady has a fan base that grows day by day with her exploits making her a great inflectional figure in Helsinki.
6- Iina Kuustonen
Age: 34, born 18 April 1984
Born and residing in:  Finland
Height: 5' 3"
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Partner: Sebastian Rejman
Occupation: Actress
The Helsinki born Finnish actress, who acquired her acting training from Helsinki Theater Academy and went on to become an exceptional actress with seemingly endless talent and skill in the field was born on 18th April, 1984. Well that’s not all, this beauty lady has a remarkable brain as well, she graduated with a master in arts and theater in 2011. Her sister, Minka Kuustonen is also an actress. They are the daughters of Mikko Kuustonen a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, song-writer and singer. She is best known for her work in the TV series Putous, Syke and Helsinginherra. She has been in a few movies as well, such as, The Kiss of Evil and FC Venus.

5- Jenni Vartiainen
Age: 35, born 20 March 1983
Country of origin:  Finland
Occupation: Singer
As pop culture rose in Finland Jenni made full use of the opportunity as a pop singer with her beautiful voice and amazing physical beauty poking the hearts of every Finnish audience and also others around the world. Born in 1983 Jenni was a figure skater before using her talent as a singer to win in Popstar, a Finnish talent show in 2002. Soon after this achievement she gained a huge audience base and got even more popular when she formed a band with other winners of the same show. Together they released over three albums, selling close to 160,000 copies. However due to misunderstandings within, the band broke up eventually in 2004. But this little set back became insignificant as she reached even greater heights in her solo career winning an Emma Award, and several of her albums topping the Finnish song charts.
4- Satu Tuomisto
Birth Name: Satu Sinikka Tuomisto
Age: 32, born 17 February 1986
Country of origin:  Finland
Height: 5' 9"
Satu is mainly a model but has also proved her worth as a dancer, sports enthusiastic and singer. She was born in February 1986 to a humble middle-class family and chose to be a model at a young age. She worked really hard as a model to enhance her physical beauty and was rewarded accordingly. Initially she worked as TV host for many Finnish shows and slowly started gaining popularity.

However, she was soon under wrong media coverage for posting nudes and making controversial remarks. But as the saying goes ‘Sometimes you have to step back to move forward’ she soon put all that behind her back by winning Miss Finnish in 2008 and being crowned as Miss Festival. She is currently one of the top paid and the most sought after model in Finland.

3- Hanna Poulsen
Born in 1984 Hanna Poulsen started her career as a model in her teenage and had a perfect combination of beauty, charm and intelligence. During the initial days of her career as a model she appeared in various national photoshoots and appeared on covers of several regional magazines. But as an aspiring model,

Hanna did not settle for this and wanted more out of her career and thus entered beauty pageants. This move turned out to be a very successful one as she went on to be crowned as miss Finland in 2005 and became the most noticeable contestant in the 2005 Miss Universe Pageant.

2- Rita Aaltolathi
Rita Aaltolathi is one among the well-recognized and most sought after female supermodel in Finland. Born in 1988 Rita didn’t take very long to choose modelling as her career. She is well known for breaking the stereotype mindset about modelling in Finland. She always upgraded herself to the newest trends and it worked out just fine for her because of her stunning physical appearance.
Rita became a global sensation after her brilliant performance Miss Finland Pageant 2011, in which she finished as a finalist. Unlike many Finnish models who stays rooted to their country Rita predominantly explored the foreign markets and landed contracts with many fashion brands across Europe and America.

1- Elina Tervo
Elina is currently the top model in Finland. And also, one of the top fitness model in the world. She has that lethal combination of sexy looks and super fit body which every model wishes to have. Initially a sports loving girl, Elina chose to try out modelling whilst on her fitness regime. And even though it was a weird combination she didn’t fail to reach the top spot. She currently holds titles like “Miss Helsinki”, “Miss Fitness Universe” and “Fitness Model of Finland”. Apart from fitness modelling she even explored herself as an actress. She appeared in the first season of Finland Pelkokertoimessa, Martina and Lifeguard and Wind tunnel.
Elina has appeared in various cover shots around Europe and America and was elected as Calvin Klein’s signature denim model in 2011. After a successful career spanning more than 13 years, she completely turned her attention towards being a fitness pro. She is also the coach of the Athlete First Helsinki

Top 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Women
Sr No. 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Women
1 Elina Tervo
2 Rita Aaltolathi
3 Hanna Poulsen
4 Satu Tuomisto
5 Jenni Vartiainen
6 lina Kuustonen
7 Noora Hautakangas
8 Pihla viitala
9 Sara Sieppe
10 Viivi Avellan
That’s the list right there. Finland, the land of beautiful have produced some amazing beautiful women, who on the international platform have upheld their cultures and tradition and made every Finnish proud. All the countries have beautiful women but Finland tend to top the list. Finnish women are very humble and gentle and for many people around the world these qualities in a woman tend to make them look beautiful. Being the least corrupt nation in the world Finland has always Served as a very good platform for Finnish girls who were able to pursue their interests in Acting/modelling to make their country proud in the International level.

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