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HOT & Sexiest Women From Egypt | Top 10 Beautiful Egyptian Female Stars

Whenever we hear the word the first thing that cross our mind is the Great Pyramids. And of course, it’s a beautiful sight. But if you ask those people who actually went to Egypt u might hear otherwise.

They would definitely say the women in Egypt is some of the most beautiful once they have ever seen. Since Egypt is a Muslim country a lot of the women there were bound their culture and were forbidden to appear in public.
However, with increasing education among people and technology taking over women in Egypt started to come out of their religion boundaries and chose to be actors and models.

These career choices of women which were once considered a Taboo in Egypt gave them world recognition and soon international modelling community had a new Favorite.

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Apart from being beautiful the Egyptian women are also famous for their creativity, intelligence and also friendliness. To give you a rough idea of how beautiful and sexy Egyptian women I have compiled a list of the 10 most beautiful Egyptian women, so next time you hear the word Egypt pyramids won’t be the only thing that pops up in your mind.

The 10 Most Beautiful Egyptian Women

10- Arwa Gouda
Birth Name: Arwa Gouda
Age: 34, born 27 September 1984
Country of origin:  Saudi Arabia
Currently Residing In:  Egypt
Height: 5' 8"
Born on September, 1979 Arwa gouda is an Egyptian actress and model. At a young age, she decided to become a model and dedicated full time on modelling. She knew it would be hard for her to build her career in Egypt and hence decided to move out. She then learned English, Arabic and French along the way which aided her a lot in building her career.
Her major life changing success came at a young age of 13 when she won the “Best Model of the World” title in Turkey. Soon after winning this title she got various movie scripts. As an actress to Arwa Gouda was applauded for her versatile acing skills. Some of her best acting can be witnessed in movies like Zay El Naharda and Safeya.

9-  Elham Wagdi
Country of origin:  Egypt
In the recent years Elham Wagdi has become the fashion icon and role model for many Egyptian women. Born in 1984, Elham is a model, Actress, dancer, Soft skill business trainer and Aerobics instructor. She is even a household name in Egypt after hosting various talk shows. After choosing modelling as her career Elham got her first chance to be famous when she contested in the 2005 Miss Egypt pageant.
After a tough competition, she manged to finish runner-up. Even though she became quite popular after this, she wasn’t happy still. Four years later she again came back to compete for the same title and wont it by a huge margin. After this success, she was famous internationally and went on to participate in Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, Miss Earth Pageant and Miss Intercontinental pageant. She is currently one of the most popular model in Egypt and has won several titles including Miss Fitness, Miss Intelligence in 2005 and many more.

8-  Hanan Turk
Age: 43, born 7 March 1975
Country of origin:  Egypt
Hanan Turk is a former ballerina and almost made a career out of it. From a young age, she practiced ballet and attended Ballet Institute in 1993. She was even part of the Cairo Ballet group. Until one day, when a famous director saw her perform and gave her a chance to star in one of his movie. After a brilliant performance in her first movie she made her audience fall in love with her instantly with her acting skills, beautiful brown eyes, dark hair and a flawless olive skin.
Seeing the response she got from the audience, she realized she was a better actress than a ballerina and chose to continue as an actress. Soon after a successful debut she got a chance to work on a TV show ‘Al-Suqout Fi Bir Sabe’. She even did an English movie titled Laughter, games, Seriousness and Love. From this point, she was already a fan favorite and starred in a number of movies which went on to make big collections in the Box-Office.

7- Yara Naoum
Country of origin:  Egypt
Height: 5' 8"

She is yet another beauty queen of Egypt who was liked by many people for her Big Brown eyes, flawless Olive skin and beautiful brown hair. Born in 1987 she had to face a tough time after choosing modelling as her career choice.

She received a little support from her family in this regard but determined and having made up her mind she continued to work hard to become a successful model. During the initial days of her career she was pretty famous in the regional magazine appearing in covers several times. However, she reached great heights in her career after winning the Egyptian Beauty Queen title.
6- Nelly Karim
Birth Name: Nelly Mohammed Atallah
Age: 43, born 18 December 1974
Country of origin:  Egypt
Nelly Karim is presently one of the highest paid and most sought after actresses in Egypt. Born in December 1974 to Russian mother and Egyptian father she inherited the beauty of both these countries. She chose to be a fashion model and her beauty and attitude paved a way for a successful career.
She made her first on screen appearance as an actress in the year 2000 in the TV series Face of the Moon. It was a smooth ride for her from then on as Nelly in the span of the next 15 years made close to 25 Egyptian films and TV shows.

5- Mona Abou Hamze
Birth Name: Mona Abou Hamze
Age: 50, born 2 October 1968
Country of origin:  Egypt
Height: 5' 5"
Relationship Status: Married
Partner: Bahij Abu Hamze
Born in Egypt, Mona is actually a famous celebrity in Libya and Middle East. She started off as a model but after a short span of time as a model she was offered roles in many TV shows and movies. Mona may not be well known as a model but the host of the famous talk show Lebanese talk show. Through this show, she gained vast popularity. She accepted this job in 2009 and even today the show airs and Mona is still the host.

She even has her own TV presenting school. In this TV show she talk to various guests from all the fields including painters, singers, movie starts, sports persons and many more. Her excellence in this show has even won her Melody Award for best presenter in 2009,2010 and 2011.
4- Haifa Wehbe
Birth Name: Haifa Mohammed Wehbe
Age: 42, born 10 March 1976
Country of origin:  Egypt
Residing in:  Lebanon
Height: 5' 4"
Haifa is a well-known Arabian pop singer and actress. Even though a lot of pop singers came under limelight in recent years she still remains one of the best pop singers in Arabia. Throughout her career as a singer she has released over 5 studio albums of which became the best sellers throughout Middle East.
Her beautiful voice and stunning beauty soon entered TV sets as she started acting in movies from 2008. Her first on screen appearance was for the movie Sea of Stars. She became an international celebrity and was on the People Magazines’ 50 most beautiful women in the world list.

3- Anaya Hayes
Born to a rich Egyptian family, Anaya showed great interest in singing and ballet dancing at a very young age of 6. She however, lost interest in these once she became a teenager and moved to Canada in her quest to become a fashion model and actress. Her first few years as a model didn’t go as planned she had a lot of minor setbacks.

She eventually got past all this hardship through hard work and dedication and her beauty further added up to the positives. She is currently one of the top models in Canada and has appeared in numerous ad magazine covers and ad campaigns.

2- Meriam George
Birth Name: Meriam George
Country of origin:  Egypt
Height: 5' 9"
Meriam in undoubtedly the youngest and the most successful model from Egypt. Her beauty and intelligence gave her the Egyptian beauty title at the very beginning of her career. After that she even became the Pantene Miss Egypt in 2005.
She was just 18 when she won this title. She has even represented Egypt in Miss Asia Pacific World super talent and finished runner-up. She even represented Egypt in various international beauty pageants and made a successful career for herself.

1- Tara Emad
Birth Name: Tara Emad
Age: 25, born 11 May 1993
Born and residing in:  Egypt
Height: 5' 10"
Tara Emad is truly a dreamy girl and deserves to be on the top of this list. She is so beautiful, even though she didn’t of think of getting into modelling she got her first photo shoot anyways. She was the winner of the Miss Teen Egypt in 2010.
In the same year, she was also crowned Teen Queen of Africa. Currently she is studying at the German university. She is still in her early 20’s now and already appeared in a number of TV shows and films.

The 10 Most Beautiful Egyptian Women

Sr No. Names
1 Tara Emad
2 Meriam George
3 Anaya Hayes
4 Haifa Wehbe
5 Mona Abou Hamze
6 Nelly Karim
7 Yara Naoum
8 Hanan Turk
9 Elham Wagdi
10 Arwa Gouda
So, there it is, the top 10. Of course, it’s really hard to have a modelling career for a woman in a country like Egypt where a religion has a major impact on people’s life’s. But these women recognized their potential to be actresses and models and went beyond their religions boundaries to become successful in international levels.

And to me such bold move only made them more confident and beautiful. Now however, with the technology growing so rapidly and laws giving more freedom to women, Egypt have finally embraced its women choosing the career they want and lots of modelling agencies have been established in recent years which can help the beautiful women in Egypt take part in international beauty pageants and make their country proud.

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