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No Sex before Marriage | Celebrities Who Took An Oath To Remain Virgin Until Marriage

These 10 celebrities wanted to wait until they get married to have sex. The female celebs wanted to save their "sacred cherries" carefully so their husbands could happily pop them on the wedding night! The stars planned to bestow their virginity to their married partners. What's more surprising is that there are a few male celebrities as well who wanted to remain "pure" until their marriage! Now the question is; did they really manage to save their virginity? What happened to the 10 celebs who once said NO to sex until their wedding? Scroll down to find out more! Brace yourself to find some shocking names!
10- Leelee Sobieski
Actress Leelee Sobieski waited for 26 long years to have sex! She said she had considered her virginity to be the greatest gift she can give to her husband. Leelee had waited for a right partner for many years until she found one in 2007. The actress married "The Vampire Dairies" actor (Alaric Saltzman), Matthew Davis, in 2007. Their story sounds good; right? Well, there was a twist! The couple filed for a divorce and parted ways in less than a year. Leelee Sobieski later married Adam Kimmel in 2009. She has been living with him happily since then.

9- Tamera Mowry
Tamra Mowry, of the twin duo who starred on the hit television sitcom, "Sister, Sister," with her sister Tia Mowry, remained a virgin until she was twenty nine years old. Religious, she wanted to wait until she was married, but ended up losing her virginity to her long time boyfriend Adam Housely, a Fox News Correspondent. Regretting it, she stopped having sex for the next three years, while they continued to date, and waited until she married him.

8- Tim Tebow
Notice there's not a lot of men on this list. Well, Tim Tebow is on it and he claims to still be a virgin, who is waiting for marriage to have sex. There was such controversy over this claim, that a dating service offered $1 million to any one who slept with Tebow and could prove he wasn't a virgin. So far, he is speaking the truth.
7- Susan Boyle
There should be a sequel to the film, "The 40 Year Old Virgin" called "The 51 Year Old Virgin," and it should star Susan Boyle. The underdog winner of "Britain's Got Talent" whose performance video once got viral on youtube is 51 years old and still a virgin. She was even offered $1 million to let the cameras roll, while losing her virginity, by a porn site, in 2009, to which she declined.

6- Miley Cyrus
Now this one's a shocker. Miley Cyrus once wore a purity ring, claiming that she wanted to remain pure until marriage. This continued through 2007, but by 2012 her views changed as dramatically as her looks. Now the controversial pop star says that sex is "a beautiful and magical thing." Some of Miley's recent performances show she's totally lost it. But irrespective of how crazy and trashy she has been lately, there are millions of fans out there who admire Miley, especially her feet.

5- Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima remained a virgin until she got married at the age of twenty seven. It must have been pretty explosive on her wedding night, when she and her new husband, Marko Jaric, a Serbian basketball player, made love for the first time. Jaric really scored getting himself a gorgeous virgin. There aren't many of those out there. Did you know Adriana Lima has black parents?

4- Jessica Simpson
Former Leonardo Di Caprio's girlfriend Jessica Simpson is another celebrity starlet who wore a purity ring since she was twelve. She claims she was true to her promise and waited for her wedding night in 2002, when she married Nick Lachey. This makes him the first one to pop her cherry, but they have since divorced and Jessica is remarried. Fun Fact: Jessica Simpson doesn't brush her teeth everyday!
3- Jonas Brothers
The former three Disney channel stars "Jonas Brothers" Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas wore purity rings during their younger years, saying they made a promise to God and themselves to stay "pure" until they get married. The three members of the now defunct music band, "Jonas Brothers," stopped wearing the purity rings sometime in the past, hinting their fans that they were no longer virgins! Nick and Joe Jonas have publicly admitted to ditching their virginity vow, while the oldest of the three brothers, Kevin Jonas, has remained tight-lipped on the matter!

2- Britney Spears
The multi millionaire singer Britney Spears planned to be a virgin until married. She told the world she was saving herself and made that promise to herself, however Justin Timberlake sang a different tune. When Britney cheated on Justin, He claimed that Spears was not a virgin. He even spoofed her on Saturday Night Live, in a skit. Fun fact: Britney Spears was once caught shoplifting a $200 top.

1- Selena Gomez
The former Disney channel star Selena Gomez was wearing a purity ring since the age of twelve, vowing to be a virgin until she got married. She claims to have made a promise to her self and to God, and is sticking by it. However, the ring seems to have disappeared when she began dating Justin Bieber. Did you know Selena Gomez is very famous for her feet in the foot fetish community and she asks for a very hefty appearance fees?

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