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Beautiful Armenian Girls | Top 10 Most Hottest Women of Armenia

Beauty is known to be of various shapes and sizes and as the saying goes “beauty is the eye of the beholder”, everyone perceives beauty differently. In modern standards beauty is not just judged on the looks and physical attractiveness of a person but also depends on the intellect and personality factor of the person.

As we cannot get to know at the full extent of anyone’s personality purely based on their outward appearance in the mainstream media, we have decided to skip the personality factor and purely base our judgments on the appearance of the person.
Armenia is a beautiful country on its own; it is geographical situated in between Europe and Asia. The country is most well-known for its ancient religious origins and its beautiful churches and their ahead their time architecture. Well we are here to tell you about their women.

Armenia has given the world some of the most gorgeous women to have ever walked the planet. If you have been curious and wanted do your own research on the most beautiful Armenian women, well look no further, we have put together a top ten list to help you out.

10- Lilu
Ildiko Kovalcsik or better known as Lilu was born on 20th May in Budapest. She is most well known for her appearance as a hostess in many TV shows including Degree of Terror.

She was still a student in the university PPKE JAK in Budapest when she began her broadcasting career in what is today called VIVA in the year 1999. She has quite the family background; her mother was a “climber” who has visited both the citrus and The North Pole and her father is a former multinational ice hockey goalie.

In 2013, she began her writing career on a blog launched by cosmopolitan and in 2015 she launched a Women Cafe Journal called Star Muster Lilu.

9- Yvette Nelson
Birth Name: Yvette Sepohi Stefens
Age: 39, born 19 August 1979
Country of origin: United States
Height: 5' 7"
Yvette is multi-talented American actress with Armenian ancestry, she has ventured into distinct fields such as Discography and Art Direction. She started her journey as singer and launched her first CD All for the Sake of Love on February 14, 2000.

Which had a total of ten tracks and all of them went on to become hits. Then by the year 2004 she has convinced herself to try her luck in Art Direction, and got her opportunity in the film Doing Hard Time, which was released in the same year. Since then she has been featured in many movies and TV shows including NYPD Blue, Las Vegas, Lingerie Bowl and she also appeared in Oprah.
8- Christy Canyon
Birth Name: Melissa Kaye Bardizbanian
Age: 52, born 17 June 1966
Country of origin: United States
Height: 5' 7"
The ex-porn-star was born on 17th June, 1966. She is most well known as a radio personality. Christy has performed in over 100 adult films and finally announced her retirement in the early 2000’s. From 2005 and 2013, she was featured as a co-host in a Playboy Radio and went on to co-host many other similar radio shows. In 2003, she published her autobiography “Lights, Camera, Sex”.
She has been credited many awards for her work in her field, she has been included in the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame. She is currently unmarried and the mother of two adopted children.

7- Gohar Harutyunyan
The incredibly curvy and sensual beauty queen, who won the title of Miss Armenia in 1988, is known worldwide for her gorgeous face and an even better body. She is currently resident in Yerevan, Armenia.
Gohar has been featured as a model in many top-class fashion brands following her win in the Miss Armenia competition. She has three kids, two daughters and a son and she was featured in the cover of “MRS. Globe 2010”. She has also been featured in two films The Journey (2002) and 3 Weeks in Yerevan (2016).

6- Kourtney Kardashian
Birth Name: Kourtney Mary Kardashian
Age: 39, born 18 April 1979
Born and residing in: United States
Height: 5' 0"
She is the lesser known of the Kardashian sister. The American TV personality and model was born on 18th April 1979. She first featured in a show called the Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, in which she was raising money for charity.

Following the sex tape leak of her sister Kim, Kourtney rose in prominence. The entirety of the Kardashian family was featured in the hit TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which led to spin-offs including   Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Khloé& Lamar, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Kourtney and her mother opened a children’s clothing boutique in New York and Los Angeles called Smooch. She made her acting debut in the TV series One Life to Live as a guest role.

5- Mari Axel Nubaryan
Mari Axel is a professional fashion model from Armenia. Right after her schooling she chose modelling. During her first few years as a professional model she appeared on various Armenian magazines and signed contracts with various fashion academy in her country.
Mari axel is famous for her fit and great figure and she revealed her secret mantra for achieving this was never missing a day in the gym. She even debuted as an actress few years back and currently has a huge fan base across Armenia. She has also landed various international companies in her client list including Armani, Fashion TV World, Fresh Art, Helen Yarmak, Pepsi Co. and many more.
4- Alice Panikian
Birth Name: Alice Panikian
Age: 33, born 23 May 1985
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Currently Residing In: Canada
Height: 6' 1"
Even though she was Born in Armenia, Alice is a famous model in Canada. She currently works as a journalist, TV host and a model in Canada. This Brown-Haired beauty won the Miss Universe Canada in 2006. Apparently, she is the tallest model to hold this title, standing 6 feet tall.

She was indeed famous after winning the title, but what actually made her even more popular and gained the attention of media around the world was the fact that she beat then reigning model Natalie Glebova. She has a perfect figure and an amazing body frame for a 6 feet tall model.
The same year she even represented Canada in Reinado Internacional del Café and became the first ever winner from Canada. Even after becoming world famous in a span of one year, she was not finished. In the same year, she was also crowned as Miss Photogenic and Miss Best in Swimsuit.

3- Maria Nalbandian
Born in 1985 she prefers to be recognized only her first name, Maria. She is a popular Armenian pop star, and has immense popularity in Armenia, Lebanon and Middle East. She initially pursued Business Marketing before making a career out of singing.
She was recognized for her beautiful voice when she was just 13 years old. After which she voiced for many commercials in Armenia. When she turned 18 she worked towards becoming a model. Even her modelling career spur successfully as she won Miss Bikini Asia in 2002. If you love beautiful girls and chocolates, you should definitely watch her video song Elaab.

In this Video, Maria seductively licks on lollipops and bathes in chocolate. She has even acted in various movies and commercials throughout America and Europe. In the year 2015 she won the title Showbiz star from Armenia.

2- Tulip Joshi
Birth Name: Tulip Joshi
Age: 39, born 11 September 1979
Born and residing in: India
Height: 5' 6"
Tulip joshi was actually born in the state of Maharashtra in India but her mother was from Armenia, making her very much Armenian as much as she is Indian. She became a model after finishing her graduation.

She received many contracts from advertising agencies after she was discovered in the 2000 Femina Miss India contest some of which include Pepsi, Smirnoff, Siyarams etc. before making an appearance in Bollywood, Tulip Joshi actively worked in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu film industry.

She first appeared in Bollywood through the movie Meri Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai which translates to my Friend’s marriage. Much like the title of the movie she got a chance in this movie when she was discovered by a famous Bollywood director in her Friend’s marriage. She soon started gaining popularity in India and was asked to change her name to something ‘that sounded Indian’ by her directors as it would be easier for the fans to follow her. According she changed her name to Sanjana.
1- Kim Kardashian
Birth Name: Kimberly Noel Kardashian
Age: 38, born 21 October 1980
Born and residing in: United States
Height: 5' 3"
Relationship Status: Married
Partner: Kanye West
For all those people who are actually surprised to see her on the list. Yes, she is Armenian. I will begin with a bit from the past as to how she became so famous. She was initially under the media coverage as stylist of Paris Hilton, then a sex tape was released in 2007 with her boyfriend. Which kind off kick started her career.

She actually used this negative attention to her advantage as she gathered all her family members and started the TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, the ghost from the past didn’t let her go, as she was trolled with many spin-offs of the series.

The media just didn’t let go of her and soon even her personal life was under media attention. Whatever the reason she is famous for, we all can agree she has an amazing body and hot physical appearance and it’s the reason she is one of the most followed celebrity in Facebook and Instagram.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Armenian Women

Sr.# Armenian Women
1 Kim Kardashian
2 Tulip Joshi
3 Maria Nalbandian
4 Alice Panikian
5 Mari Axel Nubaryan
6 Kourtney Kardashian
7 Gohar Harutunyan
8 Christy Canyon
9 Yvette Nelson
10 Lilu

So, that’s the list of top 10. Armenian women have been among the top beautiful women in the world and with the amazing personalities, beauty and intelligence that they possess it’s no wonder they have some of the most sought after models in the world. With big names like Kardashians under its belt, Armenia is no wonder is the hometown of some of the amazing and gorgeous looking women in the world.

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