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Woman left horrified after dad accidentally posted X-rated Google search on her Facebook page

The Netmums user is now dreading the next time she sees him...

A NETMUMS user was left mortified after discovering her dad had accidentally posted his X-rated Google search on her Facebook page.

Having shared an update on her social media page, the woman told how she received a notification that her father had commented on the post.

But on opening it up, she discovered he'd written "classic vintage porn UK" - and reckons he'd mistakenly copied and pasted his recent internet search.
Writing on the parenting forum last week, she admitted she's feeling "a little awkward" - especially given she's seeing him next week.

She explained: "Earlier today I posted something on Facebook, not long ago I received a notification (my dad had commented) so I opened it straight away.

"The comment didn’t make sense to me but my dad often uses phrases that I’ve not heard before, as I was in the middle of doing something, I just quickly read it and then closed the app.

"After I was finished doing what I was doing, I went back to read the comment properly. I am pretty sure that my dad has accidentally posted his Google search to my Facebook instead."

Speaking about their upcoming meeting next week, she wrote: "It’s probably going to be a bit embarrassing now.

"Not sure what to do, others have probably seen it now too."

One Netmums user speculated on whether he'd been hacked, however the woman is pretty sure this isn't the case.

In a later comment, she admitted: "“I thought that at first but whenever I’ve had friends whose account has been hacked, it’s usually a message or comment made with a link attached.

“I sent him a ‘??? Something’s wrong with your account?’ message and I’ve literally just checked my Facebook page and he has deleted the comment.

“He hasn’t replied to my message which makes me think that it was him who accidentally did it.”

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