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The first phone with 10GB of RAM is coming

A new variant of the Oppo Find X with 10GB of RAM and a quarter terabyte of storage has shown up in China

China’s TENAA, the regulatory body that certifies phones before their release in the country, has revealed a new variant of the Oppo Find X, this one coming with 10GB of memory on board. GizmoChina was among the first to report this discovery, having been tipped off by a tweet highlighting the updated Find X entry.
Depending on when it’s actually released, the 10GB Find X could be the first smartphone to have such a generous serving of RAM, though rumors have also surfaced of competition for that title from rival phone maker Vivo.
In any case, we seem to be within striking distance of the first smartphone to have double-digit gigabytes of memory, so now is the time to start drafting up all those jokes about your new phone having more memory and storage — the Find X listed on TENAA comes with 256GB of space — than your old PC Considering all the attention that's been heaped on the Oppo Find X's pop-up selfie camera, you'd be forgiven for thinking the upcoming handset is a one-trick pony.

But a new variant of the flagship has popped up on Chinese phone regulator Tenaa's site with another ace up its sleeve: a whopping 10GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROM.
Others like Vivo are chasing the same numbers, so it's unclear whether Oppo's baby will be the first out of the gate with this much power. Regardless, it's a battle cry aimed squarely at non-chinese counterparts with single-digit gigabytes of memory (think Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Note range). Comparatively, the standard model, due in the US and Europe in August (priced at €999), touts 8GB of RAM. Whether this new variant will make it beyond China remains to be seen.

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