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Rs 550 crore! That's the WHOPPING amount spent on the VFX of Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth's 2.0, released on November 29

Visionary filmmaker Shankar's upcoming magnum opus 2.0 is in the news since its inception. The sci-fi, which was expected to release last year in Diwali has been postponed many times due to incompletion of VFX. But now the film is ready and the makers are teasing the posters to raise our excitement for the the sequel of Enthiran aka Robot. Today Akshay shared a news on his Instagram account, which will blow your mind. He posted the poster of 2.0 and wrote that $ 75 million dollars has been spent on the VFX of the film. Now to give you a clearer picture, we'll simplify things and convert the dollars into INR, which comes to Rs 544 crore. Yeah, you just read it right. The makers have spent this much amount on the VFX of the film!

Now with that budget, we must say that we can't wait to witness the teaser and trailer of the film. 2.0, which is currently the most expensive Indian film is also first venture in the country, which is completely shot in 3D.

The makers of 2.0 have blown our minds with their out of the box concepts in the marketing strategy. Right from the posters on Hot air balloon tour to the lavish audio launch event in Dubai every campaign of the film has grabbed great attention from the audience. The teaser of the film will be released on September 13 during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. 2.0 is set to hit the screens on November 29.

BL Says: With 2.0, we expect many filmmakers will come forward and spend on VFX as it does not only makes the film a visual spectacle but also happens to be important of the story-telling.

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