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Maya Jama admits she would pose naked as she reveals secrets of her romance with Stormzy

The True Love or True Lies host has been talking all about her love life

MAYA Jama has opened up about her romantic life with chart topping star Stormzy and has lifted the lid on whether or not she would ever strip naked on camera.

The radio DJ, 24, has been dating 25-year-old Shut Up star Stormzy (real name Michael Omari) for more than three years.

Maya Jama has given some insight into her romance with music star StormzyAs the host of MTV’s True Love or True Lies, the Bristol born star opened up about what she would never do to garner attention – before revealing she has been asked to strip on camera in the past.
“I would never have a fake relationship, or do horrible things to get publicity, like doing something to get bad press,” the presenter insisted.

And asked if she would strip for attention, the star explained she would – but not yet.

“Do you know I’ve actually been asked to pose nude before for Woman’s Health, so it would have been done in a tasteful way, but I was like no. May be when I’m older but no not now,” she said.

Maya and Stormzy have been private about their romance – however she has opened up about details of their relationship.

Discussing the kind of men she finds attractive, the star says she likes the quite, thoughtful type.

“I like shy boys maybe because I’m so loud, it’s like ‘I want to talk to you first’,” she laughed.

“I like a boy who is mysterious in the corner and then I would have to take an interest,” she added.

She also says she has a secret tip for women who want to effortlessly impress their men when in bed together first thing in the morning.

“At the beginning of my relationship I never did full face of make-up because that is too much effort [in the morning]. But what I used to do, if I had a late night or I was knackered, I would make sure I got up before him and eat a bit of toothpaste,” she revealed.

“Not fully brushed, just a little bit so my breath wasn’t as bad as it could be,” she continued.

“So it wouldn’t be obvious that I made an effort but would be subtle enough so you know my breath wasn’t horrible,” she added.

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