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See Pics: 6ft 9ins Model From Russia With The World’s Longest Legs

If you thought Ia Ostergren is the only model who flaunts her incredibly long pins, you are totally wrong. Ekaterina Lisina, former Olympic basketball turned a model, is a Guinness records holder: World’s longest legs (female) of 132.8 cm (52.2 in). She is also the tallest professional model 205.7cm (6’9), who had also won bronze onto the Olympics 2008 in Bejing.

A few years ago, Ekaterina Lisina was on the leading roles in prestigious awards winning at both club and international levels. But the girl changed the basketball parquet to the studio and is now spending more and more time at the photo sessions. Ekaterina was born in Penza on October 15, 1987. Her family is closely connected with basketball: her mother played for Penza’s “Spartak”, while father worked as a coach.
Lisina is a well-deserved master of sports of Russia. In 2009, she was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland II degree for her great contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, high sports achievements at the Games of the XXIX Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Saying goodbye to basketball, the girl began her modeling career.

Lisina is listed in the Russian Book of Records as the country’s highest woman, and also as the owner of the largest female foot.

She said: “I do like the attention and I hope after I get the title I am going to get even more attention!” “I think my long legs can definitely help my modeling career because there aren’t so many models with such long legs.” Ekaterina also shares difficulties she faces in her daily routine: “It was very difficult for me to buy clothes and I knew I was different,” Daily Mail quotes her.
“I only really realised I was attractive when I was about 24 years old. I always had an athletic body and was always much taller than everyone else my age. But then I realised that being tall is very attractive and that I got a lot of attention from men. I am so comfortable with my body now.” The single mother of one says that carrying her son, who’s now six-years-old, made her love and appreciate her body like never before. She said: “I think during pregnancy I developed curves and I started to feel so great about it.”
“Before that, I always felt like I had a teenager’s body, but now I feel so feminine and confident. I feel really comfortable in my body right now, and I don’t have any problems being taller than everyone else. I love it.” 

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