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Randy couple repeatedly have sex at beach resort in front of other stunned tourists – moving on and starting again when challenged

The pair were spotted shamelessly having sex at the Livadiya beach resort in the port town of Nakhodka, Russia

A RANDY couple were caught on camera repeatedly having sex in public at a popular holiday resort - simply moving on to a new spot and starting again whenever they were challenged.

The sex-mad pair were spotted shamelessly bonking at the Livadiya beach resort in Nakhodka, south-eastern Russia.

A number of unnamed eyewitnesses filmed at least three occasions when the two were seen going at it reportedly on the same day.

Onlookers claim the couple first got out of hand at restaurant, where the pair got frisky at the table.
Staff are said to have asked the pair to leave - at which point the brazen twosome apparently just walked outside the restaurant’s tent wall and kept at it.

Despite a man following them outside and asking them to stop again, the couple just ignore him and keep going.

A bit later the same pair were filmed going at it again on the beach, with the woman straddling her lover just feet from other sunbathers.

And they were caught on camera a third time as they romped against a black jeep at a car park.

The footage went viral in Russia where it made the TV news.

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