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Celebrity Big Brother’s Roxanne Pallett’s steamy past in raunchy adult movies revealed

In 2010 horror flick Lake Placid 3, Roxanne strips naked for a steamy romp with her on-screen lover by the water

CELEBRITY Big Brother’s Roxanne Pallett’s sexies ever film role saw her strip naked and have sex with her on-screen lover.

The former Emmerdale actress had a starring role in Lake Placid 3 and certainly didn’t seem shy about having to go full frontal for the movie.

In her most raunchy film scene to date, Roxanne heads to a lake with her boyfriend before tempting him into having an outside sex session.

As she strips off and runs into the water, she has no idea of the horrors actually lurking beneath her in the murky water.

When her boyfriend joins her in the lake, he freaks out as something nips at his foot.

Undeterred, Roxanne, 35, drags him to the water’s edge and was filming mimicking having sex with him on the shore.

But part way through the deed, her partner is grabbed by the foot and dragged into the water by a pack of angry crocodiles.
Roxanne can be seen screaming and wailing after watching him getting torn to shreds by the animals.

But rather than stepping away from the water, she dips in her foot as she’s overcome by shock and grief.

Just seconds later, she’s grabbed by one of the beasts who flips her over and drags her down into the deep where she meets a hideous end.

The little known R-rated film saw Roxanne become a pin up but she’s never since stripped off for the cameras again.

Since entering the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, Roxanne has become a firm fan favourite.

Her entrance had fans in hysterics as she wildly hit her own boobs and tried to remove a stain from her chic black top before meeting her housemates.

And now she’s inside, she’s becoming firm friends with some of her female co-stars, including Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayling.

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