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Celebrity Big Brother’s Roxanne Pallett had amazing raunchy sex with co-actor and show off nipples, Boobs and HOT body

The actress spent the night before her raunchy scenes watching other movies featuring couples having sex

Roxanne Pallett stripped naked for ANOTHER sex scene in a second low budget horror movie.

The Celebrity Big Brother star's raunchy adult movie past recently resurfaced after she entered the Channel 5 reality show on Thursday.

Roxanne decided to go full frontal for  Lake Placid 3 in 2010 and in 2014, she took her clothes off once again for Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort.

In the scene, Roxanne plays a character called Jillian who has sex with her boyfriend Bryan (Joe Gaminara) after they discover an ancient spa.

Sadly, her moment of passion is cut short as she is killed by cannibals.
Speaking about her preparation for the sexy role, Roxanne said: "I spent the night before filming watching sex scenes on YouTube for about three hours – it was a binge.

Sadly Jillian is killed by cannibals soon after their passionate sex scene

Roxanne said she prepared for the role by watching lots of other movie sex scenes the night before

“I just kept watching every Hollywood sex scene I could find, ones with people like Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. It really psyched me up.

"People like Halle Berry or Nicole Kidman really went for it in the clips I saw.

“Seeing that stripped away any embarrassment or inhibition and I knew I had to just

“It wasn’t easy doing it in front of 30 people but I didn’t become an actor to become half-hearted about what I do – you’ve just got to go for it.”

Roxanne first rose to fame as Jo Sugden in Emmerdale in 2005 before leaving the soap in 2008.

After appearing on reality shows including Dancing on Ice in 2009, she went on to become a 'scream queen' in several horror US horror films.

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