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Celebrity Big Brother’s Chloe Ayling and married Jermaine Pennant can’t stop kissing

Chloe made the move on Jermaine when she was dared by Gabby Allen to pretend to be a cat during a bizarre game

CELEBRITY Big Brother’s Chloe Ayling and Jermaine Pennant couldn’t stop kissing in last night’s episode.

She was the first to make a move during a game with the footballer, Ben Jardine and Gabby Allen.

Chloe, 21, is prancing around the living room when Gabby dares her to act like a cat.

She starts to purr and licks her hands pretending they are paws.

As Jermaine laughs she reaches down and kisses him twice on the head and cheek.

He doesn’t move a muscle but looks particularly pleased with himself.

In another scene, Jermaine was playing dares with his housemates and was egged on by Sally Morgan
She tells Jermaine to cup Chloe’s face and kiss her.

He is careful not to smooch her on the lips.

Instead, he tenderly holds her faces and plants kisses on both of her cheeks.

Her co-stars found it hilarious, with Sally joking Chloe looked turned on by Jermaine’s affections.

The 35-year-old’s wife Alice Goodwin might not be as enthused however – especially after Jermaine admitted he fancied Chloe.

In last night’s episode, Jermaine confessed to liking Chloe but admitted it was wrong.

He said: “It just happens. I like Chloe, it’s really bad. She is the most attractive girl in the house.

“I have to confess and tell my feelings in the house and that’s not good when you have a partner. I am attracted to her.”

ermaine isn’t the only housemate with an illicit crush however.

Ben Jardine, whose girlfriend is pregnant and due to give birth at the end of the year, last night said he fancied Roxanne Pallett.

Ben said: “I have a few crushes, I have to be honest.

“I have a crush on her. I can’t help it. She’s a nice girl. I’ve got a crush on Roxanne.”

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