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Celebrity Big Brother’s Ben tells Roxanne Pallett he loves her after she gets slated by Hardeep and Nick

Ben Jardine can’t hold back his feelings for Roxanne Pallett any longer and makes a risky move on Celebrity Big Brother.

It’s probably best that the Married At First Sight star is in the house at the moment and far away from the reach of Roxy’s boyfriend.

In scenes to air tonight Ben confesses that he loves Roxy as she helps him take off eyeliner in the bedroom.

He mutters those three little words and a stunned Roxy stops what she’s doing.

Ben says: ‘I love you, you’re amazing, I’m sorry.’ Roxy puts a finger to her lips. Ben adds: ‘I don’t care any more, I thought today, I thought f**k it.’ Talk then turns to what the other housemates have been saying about her.
Roxanne says: ‘That’s hurt my feelings. That’s really disappointed me.’

‘It’s how I feel, fuck em’, anyway clean my eye.’ ‘I can’t believe you just said that,’ Roxy says later. Ben promises to ‘stay away’ but admits he’s hurt. ‘I finally find my soulmate and like, I can’t even talk to her without people thinking, uh, he’ll ruin her life’, he says. Hardeep Singh Kohli chats to Gabby Allen and Nick Leeson on the garden, and the former presenter vented his rage about the former Emmerdale star. ‘I’m struggling not to snap at her. It’s the thing of, she knows I’m pissed off with her and she’s trying to be really nice, but I don’t want to make her feel worse,’ he said. Gabby chimed in: ‘She knows she’s annoying people.’ ‘The thing that kills me is when she sings in an American accent. It fucking wrecks my nut,’ Nick moans. Gabby says: ‘There’s moments where I can be around her and there’s moments when I’m like, “I need to go”.’

Hardeep isn’t done yet: ‘Everything is the Roxy show. Showing up to the eviction in her pyjamas, it’s like, really? Literally showing up in your pyjamas and fluffy slippers.’

Nick says: ‘Everything she does is just attention seeking. It’s sickly, that’s the only taste it can leave in your mouth.

‘She’s playing to the camera, she’s trying way too hard.’

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