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Celebrity Big Brother star Kirstie Alley’s only topless sex scene revealed 30 years after it was filmed

Hollywood siren Kirstie is starring in the UK's Celebrity Big Brother

Kirstie Alley once romped topless in a movie but the scene ended up on the cutting room floor.

The Celebrity Big Brother star, 67, was a Hollywood siren back in the day though she wasn't a fan of getting naked on screen.

She only stripped off one time - in the horror movie Blind Date.

And perhaps she was glad it was a box office flop.

Stills from a deleted scene in Blind Date show a 33-year-old Kirstie sprawled on a bed with her arms wrapped around her hunky co-star Joseph Bottoms, who is now 64.

In the chilling flick, blind Jonathon Ratcliff (Bottoms) must track down a serial killer after witnessing a murder, after doctors fit him with an experimental electronic device designed to partially restore his sight.
He ends up in bed with Kirstie's character Claire Simpson and gets to know her very intimately.

But the saucy scene only appeared on the DVD as a deleted extra.

Kirstie hasn't even been one week inside the Celebrity Big Brother house but already the star has fellow contestants turning on other.

She's been appointed the house 'President' and has enforced a number of political rules.

The drama unfolded when Kirstie (who was appointed the ‘President’ of the CBB house during the launch night) was tasked with picking a "new Head of Defence" to supervise a house task.

“The person you pick will be responsible for overseeing the construction of a magnificent wall that will keep outsiders out of the house and away from Big Brother's green cards,” Big Brother instructed the actress – who settled upon Nick Leeson because "he has been in prison so he knows a lot about walls".
The task then saw Nick – who was sentenced to six and a half years in a Singaporian jail after pleading guilty to fraud in the 1990s – supervising the other CBB contestants in building a giant Lego wall.

Natalie takes offence to the task due to the sensitive subject that it is based upon.

As tensions bubbled over, Natalie wanted to make it clear to everyone in the house that she was not a fan of former Cheers star Kirstie.

"She's a f***ing Trump supporter that's what's controversy, that's why she hasn't said anything,” the reality star spat.

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