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Vladimir Putin’s spy girl left in floods of TEARS after Russia beat Spain at World Cup

Red hot Russian spy Anna Chapman
Anna Chapman is a retired Russian spy who has been a model and now presents a weekly show on Russian TV.

Vladimir Putin’s glamorous spy girl has revealed she was in floods of tears when Russia shocking upset Spain at the World Cup.

Vlad’s lads stunned the football world when they managed to squeak through against the former World Cup winners on penalties 4-3.

Russia was rejoicing across its 11 time zones after the victory, which now sees them in the same free-for-all race to the finals as England.

Putin spy girl Anna Chapman was in attendance at the crunch match and said she was left in tears.

Russian spy Chapman, 36, also revealed she lost her voice from screaming in the stadium.

Vlad himself was absent from watching the game, and also has no plans to watch Russia take-on Croatia.
Chapman took to Instagram to share her feelings on the footie.
She said; “I have never shouted so loud. For the first time in my life I lost my voice and cried with happiness.”

“I would like to thank our players, and the coach, for the emotions that I felt and all who were rooting for Russia today.

“Thank you – we are with you.”

The red-haired beauty was exposed by the FBI back in 2010, and now works as a shameless propagandist for Putin.

Chapman – previously married to a British ex-public schoolboy – was part of a Cold War-style swap with the poisoned MI6 double agent Sergei Skripal.

She was expelled from the US, but has now become a become a multi-millionaire with her Russian business ventures

Fans of Chapman are often treated to pictures of her posing in various scantily clad outfits on Instagram.

Russia has been celebrating their bombshell victory across the massive country with honking car horns and street parties.

It marks Russia’s greatest performance in a World Cup since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev has been hailed as the hero of the victory on social media.

He has been branded “captain fantastic” for his keeping heroics as he saved two penalties.

After he was named man of the match, the CSKA Moscow keeper said: “I don't feel that I'm the best player.

“The game turned out to be exciting. We wanted to attack more, but there's no team who could attack more in a match against Spain.

“We were lucky today,"

Putin shared a phone call with the players before the game, and also called them after his victory – but still won’t attend their match with Croatia. (The Sun)

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