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The Miz And Maryse Ouellet To Star In New Reality Show

Once again, the WWE lives up to its name when it comes to entertainment. The WWE still keeps with the tradition of making a real-life couple a focus of attention. This formula of mixing reality in with the wrestlers' ring personas is a great draw for wrestling fans that has worked since the 80s. This tradition more than likely began with Randy Savage and his valet/manager and later wife Ms. Elizabeth.

Thirty years later, the pairing of real life couples in the sport of wrestling is still in effect. The WWE now has the family element included with the mix with WWE superstars Daniel Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella. The Miz and his wife Maryse have now been thrown into this mix as the WWE has recently announced plans to feature the real-life married couple in an up and coming reality television series based on their in-ring and out-of-the-ring life.
The WWE has teamed up with USA network once again to produce a new reality series which is titled Miz and Mrs. More than likely the new reality television series will document the beginnings of the husband and wife love affair from the beginning and how the couple finally became husband and wife while travelling all around the country and the world entertaining fans with their athleticism.

There is a connection with The Miz and some of the producers of Miz and Mrs. Besides being produced by the WWE, the reality television series will also be produced by Bunim/Murray. Bunim/Murray is no stranger to the Miz because the Miz was one of the housemates on their popular reality television series The Real World. This is where "The Miz" character began long before The Miz stepped into a WWE ring.

The main purpose of the new reality television series is to document the lives of not only The Miz and Maryse, but also the birth of their first child which is due to arrive during the run of Miz and Mrs. The Miz and Maryse have had some exposure on WWE Divas which chronicles the out-of-the-ring lives of several WWE women and some of their boyfriends and husbands. The reality series will more than likely work out great for them both as they will perhaps have some time off from WWE programming and fans will still be able to enjoy them outside of the ring.

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