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Russain Girls sleeping with foreigners for free, Russian women of behaving like ‘wh***s’ after face of World cup revealed to be a porn star

A Moscow newspaper ran Platon Besedin’s piece which took aim at local ladies who bedded foreign fans

A FURIOUS row has erupted at the World Cup after a writer and psychologist accused Russian women of demeaning themselves by looking for sex with foreign fans.

A major Moscow newspaper that ran Platon Besedin’s outburst has been hit with a petition demanding apologies for an article which accused women of acting like "whores".

The 32-year-old author railed against "the corruptibility of Russian young women".
He wrote in Moskovsky Komsomolets: “Social networks are overloaded with videos where young and not quite young Russian women are behaving like overused prostitutes with low social responsibility…

“Such things can be seen in all cities of our Motherland chosen to host the tournament.

“Many Russian women behave like whores with foreigners.”

Moscow newspaper columnist accuses Russian women of behaving like ‘wh***s’ after face of World cup revealed to be a porn star
One video shows a drunk woman receiving oral sex on a bench in Moscow from a Polish fan as his friends look on.

Basedin wrote: “Not all of them are like this, but some black sheep mar the whole flock. Yes, let’s be honest, there are enough such black sheep.”

He complained that inside Russian "beauties" is "an inner sinfulness", adding: "If we do not want the image of Russia to correlate with a vulgar whore hunting for a foreign victim, we must act right now.

"As the World Cup has proved, we have already lost a lot of time."
“And some are ready to sleep with a foreigner for free. Just because he came from (abroad).”

He claimed: “Russian women courting foreigners have abandoned concepts of shame and morality from their minds.

“We have raised a generation of whores, ready to open their legs as soon as they hear some foreign language sounds."
His comments come just days after it was revealed a Russian fan who set pulses racing when she was spotted in the crowd at the opening game is a porn star.

Photos of Natalya Nemchinova were beamed around the world after she was spotted sporting a skimpy white 'Russia' top inside Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium for the opening game.

A petition posted by Cosmopolitan writer Snezhana Gribatskaya has collected more than 6,500 backers demanding apologies from the newspaper "for insulting Russian women".

The petition slammed the headline: “Time of whores: Russian women at the World Cup are disgracing themselves and their country.”
It also demanded criminal prosecution for incitement of hatred and hostility to women.

One angry commenter Yulia Skulkina wrote: “I don’t understand why a woman can’t chose herself who she should have sex with….

“Maybe Russian girls fall in love with foreigners because they behave like men, and not just hold a bottle of beer and retch during the championship?

“Foreigners smile, court women, and let them feel themselves.”
Svetlana Zhukova wrote: “I am signing this because every woman has a right to be in charge of her own body.”

Alexander Krivoderev said: "I wish they wrote instead about the corruptibility of the government, the Duma (parliament) and officials.

"Not all Russian women are whores, but the so-called 'elite' of the country – all of them are whores”.

Gribatskaya wrote for Cosmopolitan website: “According to (Besedin’s) logic, a woman is either a whore - a person who exchanges an access to her body for material goods - or an under-developed native.”
His way of thinking means “a woman is not a human being,” she said.

“The basic demands of a person, including the demand of sexual satisfaction, has just been crossed out of this paradigm."

Besedin, author of ‘The Book of Sin’, hit back saying that Russia had produced a society where ‘trading your body” is not seen an an act of shame while working as a nurse for a paltry monthly salary of £110 is judged a disgrace.

“We can keep silence about these problems, not notice them, but they are here and they will develop, like syphilis,” he said.

He blamed Russian state TV and parents for promoting images of women as sex objects.

“TV channels in prime-times regularly show party animals, popular singers, television presenters, old and new, who tell how to sell yourself at the best price.”

Foreign websites were “full of articles and videos on the availability of ‘Russian Natashas’,” he said.

“Russian women, isn’t it humiliating for you?,” he asked.

“Are you  not offended by the fact that next time you make friends with a foreigner he will apply this knowledge to you?”

The angry debate came as a poll was published in Russia saying one in five - 19 per cent - of English fans in Russia are ready for a World Cup fling.

This compared with 31 per cent of Brazilians and 14 per cent of Japanese.

Another newspaper - Kremlin-friendly Komsomolskaya Pravda - advised women how to “hook up with a foreigner”.
“Dress in skirts and dresses, as the foreigners love the femininity of Russian girls,” it advised.

“You do not need to dress in a vulgar way….but also do not wear dresses that are too ‘closed’.”

Professional matchmaker Nadezhda Sotnikova warned that the English that they are “prudish”.

Russian women were also warned:  “Do not expect that he will pay for you at the restaurant.

“Most likely, you will be offered to share the bill.” (The Sun)

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