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Poldark season 4 finale review: Tears at final kiss in epic ending

LAST night’s Poldark was an epic conclusion to this series as the heartbroken Ross placed his last-ever kiss on the lips of his dead first love Elizabeth Warleggan.

Devotees of the hit BBC One show, which has regularly pulled in 4.7 million viewers, were left in tears by the devastating scene after being warned they would be reeling from the bombshell episode.

After Elizabeth appears to cast aside her husband George’s suspicions that their son Valentine is actually Poldark’s and he reveals to her she is set to become Lady Warleggan, her health declines as a side-effect of her taking a potion to bring on the birth of her daughter Ursula.

She does so to convince George that Valentine is their son rather than Poldark’s by having another premature birth.

Viewers were left gripped by the drama of Poldark, Valentine’s true father, racing across the Cornish countryside on horseback after learning Elizabeth is seriously ill but failing to make it on time.
Elizabeth’s furious husband orders Poldark to leave, only to taunt him with the words: “Elizabeth is dead, 10 minutes since she died holding my hand. You’ve always known where to find her. Go see what I have brought her to.”

The tension between the pair has been rife during the series but fans can only feel raw emotion on seeing Poldark looking at Elizabeth’s body and planting a final kiss.

Elizabeth’s doctor Dwight Enys, played by Luke Norris, says she was “too lovely a woman to have such a hideous end” after she suffers a contraction to her arteries inhibiting the blood supply to her limbs.

Fans are left on tenterhooks as Demelza, played by Eleanor Tomlinson, confronts Poldark about his love for Elizabeth after meeting him on the cliffs, where he reminisces about his late first love and breaks the news of her death to his wife.

He tries to pass off his feelings for her as loving her “once” but viewers got the sense that her presence will overshadow the next series.

You can’t help wondering what is going through George’s mind as he looks at Elizabeth’s gravestone. Series five, the last, is expected to air next year.

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