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Love Island news: Star drops BOMBSHELL as she opens up on ‘shock’ pregnancy

LAST night’s Poldark was an epic conclusion to this series as the heartbroken Ross placed his last-ever kiss on the lips of his dead first love Elizabeth Warleggan.

Tyla Carr shot to fame last year, after appearing in the ITV2 show Love Island.

Since the hit TV series, the 25-year-old has gone on to find love with her boyfriend Ross, who has chosen to stay out of the public eye.

The duo first met nine years ago, and struck up a romance in recent months.

Now, the TV personality has revealed the happy couple are expecting their first child together, with the tot expected to arrive in December.
As she announced the good news, Tyla spilled all on the moment she found out she was pregnant.
Opening up about where she was when she took a pregnancy test, the star told OK! Magazine: “[I was] in the toilet at Nando’s!

“We stopped for lunch after I bought the test and I couldn’t wait until I got home.”

Tyla went on to recall the moment she found out she was pregnant, as she remembered how she couldn’t wait to tell her boyfriend, who was sitting in the restaurant.

“When I saw it was positive, I ran back to tell Ross - it felt like the longest journey of my life!”

Spilling all on how she felt about the surprising news, Tyla admitted she had been unsure how to react.

She told the publication: “After the excitement had died down, my first thought was, what am I going to tell my mum? I was over the moon but part of me was worried too.

Tyla, who moved in with Ross a week before finding out the news, added: “We haven’t been together very long and we’d only just moved in together. I started to panic that we had rushed.”

The reality TV star went on to explain that while they hadn’t been planning to have a baby, the businessman and property developer had been overjoyed at the news.
The brunette beauty divulged: “We hadn't been trying so the pregnancy was a shock, but he [Ross] was really happy.

The Instagram sensation then revealed how her beau had been hoping for a youngster of his own for some time.

“He's wanted to be a dad for a while now,” she divulged. “He's ready to settle down and take that next step together.”

Explaining how Ross’ reaction had reassured her, the star continued: “Seeing how happy he was made me feel a lot better and eased any doubts I had."

Tyla took to Instagram today to tell fans about the news, as she shared a photo of her pal and former co-star Gabby Allen’s good wishes with her 420,000 Instagram followers.

Sharing a screenshot of the 25-year-old’s message of congratulations, she exclaimed: “Thank you @gabbydawnallen we can finally speak about it.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

The full interview can be seen in the latest issue of OK! Magazine, which is out now.

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