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Kerala's 'pornstar bus': Hot on trail with Mia Khalifa and Sunny Leone Brazzers

Brazzers on Wheels, one Twitter user dubbed the viral sensation

Pornstars Mia Khalifa, Johnny Sins, Jordi El Nino, Kortney Kane and Sunny Leone sharing a screen would be the most ambitious crossover event in the history of 'fantasy' movies, outstripping Avengers: Infinity War by a considerable margin. Sherrin, the owner of Ambady Travels from Kerala, achieved precisely this when he decided to graffiti one of his buses with the crème de la crème of the 'forbidden pleasures' industry. Presently, the bus is on a trip to Kollam. The owner is surprised that his 'art on four tyres' is now the talk of the internet. “We never ever imagined that a random decision to paint pornstars would become this big. We are stunned,'' Sherrin told THE WEEK.

Ironically, his only intention with the risque artwork—which a Twitter user aptly dubbed 'Brazzers on Wheels'—was to stop college students, who form a major chunk of his customer base, from tying huge flexes of pornstars on his bus; this, he says, hides the name and contact details of his company.

“These days, it is a given that college students hang flexes while on tour. So, we thought it is better to paint them all over the bus. We hoped that it would make the bus more appealing to the youth,'' Sherrin said. And he was right.

The graffiti was completed just a week before, but the bus has never had a day of rest since. Any criticism against the pornstar painting?

“Only the youth are into such things... Even if the older ones are aware of these faces, they do not reveal it. No, we have not faced any issue till now,'' he said.
Sherrin said he was very careful to make sure that there was no vulgarity; he attributes the success of the painting to the artist Ratheesh Kallettumkara, who rendered them.

“Had there been any vulgarity, it would have been a different issue altogether.” Ratheesh, a professional painter based in Thrissur, passes the buck back to the bus owner. “If they had not shown the courage to commission this kind of a work, it would not have been possible,” he said.

He took nearly 18 days to finish the assignment. “I was flummoxed when they first told me about it. But when they explained the rationale, I was only happy to do it,'' he said. Ratheesh says he sketches mostly film stars. “It is for the first time I have drawn pornstars,” he said.

Ever since an image of the bus went viral, Sherrin's phone has not stopped ringing. “I am getting calls from all over India. The hype was so much that I even thought of removing it. But then, I decided to take it in the right spirit. Like all thing viral, the hype will also vanish,'' he said.

Sherrin, despite the painting going viral, is in no mood to replicate the same in his other two buses. “That will be a bit too much of porn,” he said.

The bus, however, is literally on a roll. It is booked for the entire month and seems to be in no mood to stop. (The Week India)

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