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Becky Vardy ups cyber security to prevent saucy phone sex with hubby Jamie, sex life was difficult during the World Cup

Becky said maintaining her's and Jamie's sex life was difficult during the World Cup
WAGs have also been told not to access their bank accounts using their phones amid fears of them being hacked

BECKY Vardy is using a secure, high-tech device to keep up saucy phone sex sessions with hubby Jamie so not to fall victim of a Russian cyber hack.

England stars and their WAGs have been warned to only use super-secure phones and computers to communicate over FaceTime.
I’m a Celeb star Becky, 36, has got a special encoded, wireless device so the pair can still share “intimate moments” from their separate Russian hotel rooms.

Security-obsessed FA chiefs have also ordered WAGs not to access their bank accounts using their phones amid fears of them being hacked.
A source close to the FA camp said: “After the players’ partners were told that Russia had such bad hacking issues Becky was worried she wouldn’t be able to have discreet FaceTime calls with Jamie.

“She found this special Wi-Fi device that has security built in. She contacted them and set it up before going to Russia. Now they can do what they want.”

The state-of-the-art SkyRoam Solis device means that users’ data is stored in a highly secured private network rather than by whomever the WiFi provider’s network is. It also provides super-fast 4G internet speeds.

Becky, whose hotel is less than an hour from the England Baltic sea base in Repino, has previously talked about the difficulty of maintaining intimacy when staying in different hotels.

When asked about the couple’s sex life at the World Cup earlier this year, she said: “It depends on the player, for us it’s difficult because we’re not in the same hotel. Thank God for FaceTime.”

It comes ahead of England’s highly-anticipated game against Panama today – as the Three Lions look to make it back to back wins.
Despite spirits being sky-high as the 23-man squad returned to Repino after their last-minute 2-1 win over Tunisia on Monday night, security has been stepped up another notch.

We can also reveal stars have now been banned from swimming in the nearby Baltic Sea which neighbours their ForRestMix hotel because of high level of algae just under the surface.

Scientists have warned the toxins in the algae produces toxins, which if swallowed can damage the eyes, lungs and nervous system.

Players had planned to take their popular unicorn inflatables, which they were pictured playing on in the hotel pool this week, into the sea before being warned off it.

A source said: “The beaches here in Repino are brilliant and the players would like to head down to the sea but with the risk from the algae, the bosses have said it’s just not worth it.”

England flew to Nizhny Novgorod for today’s game yesterday (SAT) with England boss Gareth Southgate still with his arm in a sling after dislocating his shoulder while running this week.
Players and staff have now been ordered not to hug or grab Southgate to celebrate any goals today amid fears they will make his injury worse.

The source added: “Gareth has been getting stick all week for having the worst injury on tour and it’s caused a lot of laughter. But all the players and backroom staff have been told not to celebrate overzealously with Gareth as his arm is still very sore.” (The Sun)

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