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Warnings issued after 'online beggar' in Thailand found tucking into luxurious hotpot meal

A Facebook page has warned kind-hearted Thais to think twice before remitting donations to an “unemployed” man who begged online for Bt40 (S$1.67) so he could withdraw “B100”, as he had been spotted dining on a luxury shabu meal.

The warning was issued by Khao Hao V4 page.
The man posted on some Facebook groups that he had been unemployed for a week and he had only Bt60 left in his account. He needed someone to remit Bt40 to his account to make it Bt100 so he could withdraw cash to buy a meal.

The Facebook page posted the picture of the man with blurred face in a shabu shop. The page said it had investigated and found that about Bt27,000 was credited to the man’s account in 18 days after the post.

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