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Love Island trolls demand Laura Anderson, 29, is sent home as they accuse her of lying about her age

Some viewers took to social media to slam the Scottish beauty for lying about her age. Other fans have noticed the similarity between her and last year's contestant Olivia Atwood

CRUEL Love Island trolls have accused Laura Anderson of lying about her age and even demanded that she leave the villa.

The 29-year-old Scottish babe received a torrent of abuse on social media after the first episode of the show aired.

Some viewers blasted the former Air Stewardess's claim that she was the tender age of 29 saying: "Wow I’m the same age as Laura and she looks 20 years old than me."

One user tweeted:"Laura defo lied about her age. She looks old," while another commented "I high key feel like Laura is lying about her age, cuz this chick looks over 29."

Some trolls went personal and commented on her lifestyle choices: "Laura is a big Jez who should be getting engaged and a mortgage like her age mates but instead she’s being a cougar to a 20 year old."

Seemingly enraged Tweeters even demanded that she give up her hopes of finding love and leave the villa: "Love Island should have an age limit, go home Laura... The way Laura doesn’t say her age but everyone else does, I f**king knew it, she’s in her late 30’s WATCH."

And this isn't the only time viewers have commented on her appearance. The ex trolley dolly drew in comparisons to last year's contestant Olivia Attwood.

One Twitter user said: "Laura is Olivia part 2. I didn’t ask for this" and another noted "Laura reminds me so much of Olivia, it’s mad."

Even the star herself couldn't help but notice the similarity.

Taking to New Look's Twitter, which she was tweeting from throughout the night, she wrote: “Wait is Laura wearing MY hair do. Ok, I’m calling fraud prevention 🤔 @oliviajade_att #LoveIsland.”

She added: “Wait my heads gone. Laura's come in last like me, wearing my exact outfit.”

Olivia, who dated Chris Hughes after meeting him on the show, became known for wearing her long blonde hair in a half ponytail.

She later joked that she would need to get “protection” but admitted that she did like the wannabe.

Speaking to Capital Breakfast’s Roman Kemp and Vick Hope this morning, she said: “I feel like I need to, like, call for protection! Like, she’s got my hair… No, do you know what, I quite like her. Shock!”

Roman wasn’t entirely convinced though and asked her again: “You like her?”

Olivia replied smirking: “I do quite like her, I think she’s nice.”

But some have used the uncanny resemblance to troll the Scot.

One wrote: "Omg Laura IS olivia attwood looks like a 47 year old version of her right enough but genuinely believes everyone fancies her tragic" and another joked that it was "Nice of them to send Olivia’s mum in."

Love Island ratings reached an all-time high in the opening episode of the latest series.

The hit show raked in 3.4million viewers on the first night - the highest ever for any of its seasons.

The figures are astounding especially when compared with last year's hit series which only opened with 1.3 million viewers.

This is ITV2's highest overnight rating since records go back, overtaking the previous record holder which was last year's finale which drew in 2.6 million viewers. (The Sun)

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