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Kelly Brook causes furious row with boyfriend — after drunkenly ­licking lapdancer’s boob

The 38-year-old model playfully got to grips with the dancer on a visit to a strip club during a raucous night out with pals

Model Kelly Brook sparked a furious bust-up with her ­boyfriend — after drunkenly ­licking a lapdancer’s boob.

Pals said the 38-year-old playfully got to grips with the woman dancer on a visit to a strip club as she and friends enjoyed a raucous night out.

But French boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, who has been with her nearly three years, failed to see the funny side.

He looked on angrily during the episode at London’s Windmill revue strip club before the couple finally patched up their differences.

One friend said: “It was a hilarious, very drunken night out. Everyone was pretty wasted but Kelly was on cracking form.
“When everyone stumbled to the club, a group of girls came over and one really took a shine to her.
“The dancer was gyrating around behind her, then Kelly reached up and licked her boob and gave her other nipple a quick fondle.

“It was all very jokey but Jeremy seemed pretty unimpressed and afterwards they had a massive row.

“It all got sorted pretty quickly, Kelly explained she was just drunk and having a laugh and they then made up.”

Kelly has denied rumours she is a lesbian.

Last night she said: “There I am trying to change the public’s perception of me with my country cottage, gardening and baking like Martha Stewart — and then I get caught licking a boob.” (The Sun)

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