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‘I use men for sex just like Megan – and here’s why you should too’

Writer Nadia Bokody says Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson isn’t alone, and she's lost count of how many men she's used for sex and discarded

IF YOU'RE easily offended, you should stop reading now - because I’ve got something to say that will incite some serious internet pitchfork wielding.


Shocking, right? And all this time men were thinking they held a monopoly on sexual manipulation.

In actual fact, it’s criminally easy to play a man at his own game, and any woman who says she’s never been guilty of it is, quite frankly, a liar.

“I don’t usually move this fast with guys…I’m just not that kind of girl.”
Heard that one before? It’s a classic.
I’ve lost count of the number of men I’ve “hit it and quit it” with, using that chestnut.

The reason it’s so effective is that most men have incredibly fragile egos and want to believe – even when it’s laughably far-fetched – that you’re an innocent girl who’s been saving herself up, just for him. *Stifles snort laugh*

Here’s another reliable one us gals like to pull out to maintain a new guy’s interest: “You’re the only one I’m seeing right now.”

In reality, that’s highly unlikely. The truth is, it’s all smoke and mirrors until we have a clear arrangement of exclusivity with you.

Until then, a woman can – and will – see as many other men as she pleases, and yes, some of these will be for the simple purpose of sex. Because, shockingly, we have needs too.

And, perhaps even more importantly, sex is a great way to work out if a potential suitor is right for you.

I’m not going to waste weeks on end dating a guy and progressively investing more emotional energy in him only to learn our sexual chemistry doesn’t exist in the sack.

The way someone treats you during sex is often just as valid a way to work out whether you’d like to keep them around, as going on multiple dinner dates.

Which brings me to last night’s episode of Love Island and the ensuing Twitter storm that erupted over Megan’s allegedly “muggy” behaviour toward Eyal…


If a woman walks away after sex, it’s because the chemistry wasn’t there.

If the sex was life-changing and the conversation stimulating you can bet she’ll be making it abundantly clear she wants to see you again.

It’s honestly that simple. Ghosting a guy after sex doesn’t make her “muggy” or “nasty” or anything in between.

As to if Megan deliberately “used” Eyal for the sole purpose of getting her rocks off? Sure, it’s possible. But, WHO CARES??

She is not the first woman in history to express sexual urges and have an encounter with someone with the exclusive intent of having those purely physical needs met.

And, let’s face it, there was never going to be a love story for Megan and Eyal - I’m pretty sure I’ve met pencils with more brain cells than that poor dear boy.

Needless to say I was not surprised when Megan moved on to Wes promptly after getting between the sheets with Eyal.

Yes, Eyal’s pretty to look at, but what were they going to talk about after sex? The fact that he has strong feelings he was “a monkey in a past life”?

Megan has done no wrong here. She’s not a villain, merely a normal young woman who isn’t afraid to own her sexuality and go after what she wants, which, in my career as a sex-positive journalist, is something I’ve always passionately suggested women do more of.

Whether that results in casual sex or just better body empowerment is going to be different for every woman, but no woman should be afraid to be condemned and slut-shamed for owning her sexuality.

Because, in case anybody hadn’t noticed, it’s 2018.

Now excuse me while I go get some sex.

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