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FIFA 2018 Fans Photos: Hottest Man Utd superfan makes picture promise to fans if Denmark win World Cup clash

A Manchester United superfan has promised to pose in a string of Denmark snaps if her beloved side progress in the World Cup.

Katrina Maria is originally from the Faroe Islands but moved to the Scandinavian nation around four years ago.

From there she amassed a reputation as a viral Red Devils favourite, after posing in hundreds of the club's past and present jerseys.

And for the World Cup in Denmark this month, she has thrown her support behind the Danes and Iceland.

She told Daily Star Online: "I support Denmark because I live there.

"The Faroe Islands, where I'm originally from, is part of Denmark, so you could say in some ways i'm Danish as well.

"And I'm also supporting Iceland, I think they have played well, with a good spirit, and they have already accomplished a lot for such a small nation
"I hope to see them win even more.

"At some point I will pose in their shirts if they continue to play well, I will be posting something.

"But whether it's a Denmark or Iceland shirt, I don't know yet, only time will tell I guess.

"I hope either Denmark or Iceland end up in the finals, and of course win it all, that would be really fun but I think I might have my hopes too high on this one.

"The Faroe Islands and Iceland have a very good bond between each other, and we always support each other.

"Our cultures are kind of the same, so we have an understanding for each other. It is very common for people in the Faroe Islands to support Iceland."

And asked who her favourite player is, she pointed towards Tottenham midfield wizard Cristian Eriksen.

The playmaker is central to Danish hopes of progressing from Group C, with France and Australia standing in their way.

She told us: "On the Danish team I would say Eriksen, he is a really important player for Denmark.

"He is a player that can change matches.

"He is truly a world class player, and we are really lucky to have him on the team." (The SUN)

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