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‘Queer Eye’s’ Tom And Abby Have Remarried!

Breaking news: Love still exists!

Fans of Netflix’s modern Queer Eye reboot rejoice: Tom and Abby have remarried! A Twitter Moment dedicated to Tom and Abby’s matrimony offered an adorable pictorial recap of the event, while also offering a quick recap for those unfamiliar with the couple’s story.

“Tom “you can’t fix ugly” Jackson was given a makeover in the first episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot and talked about how much he loved his ex-wife Abby Parr,” the message notes. “Now, the pair rekindled their romance and married for a second time.”
“You can’t fix ugly” references the title of Tom’s episode in which the lonely dump-truck driver with a “big ol’ heart” goes from “ugly” to believable as the Fab Five teach him how to reverse years of bad habits. The episode ended with the erstwhile couple reuniting, but a February 2018 tweet by Tom noted that the two were no longer together. But love, as they say, is a battlefield, and the war was far from over. A week later, Tom tweeted that the two had reunited. A week after that, he tweeted that he and Abby were engaged! Now the two have officially remarried.

“The power of love is a curious thing” — Huey Lewis

Us Weekly reports that the lovebirds eloped in a private ceremony at Chapel at the Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on March 27th.

“I was excited and happy! I was marrying the love of my life,” Abby told Us Weekly. “I was looking at him looking at me and he was smiling as I walked down the aisle! Tom was grinning from ear to ear!”

Congratulations to Tom and Abby! 

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