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Eurovision 2018 CHAOS: UK entry SuRie interrupted by stage invader

Eurovision 2018 is well underway, but the UK’s act SuRie was pounced on by a stage invader mid-performance in shocking BBC scenes.

Eurovision fans were left shocked after a member of the audience burst on stage and grabbed SuRie’s microphone.

Graham Norton said: “I’m not sure what they’re going to do now!”

Visibly shaken, SuRie was given another microphone and defiantly completed her performance.

Graham added: “Well, the utmost respect for SuRie and a suitably euphoric response from the crowd here in the arena.

“I mean, she was doing a brilliant job anyway!”
Those tuning into Eurovision were quick to comment on the incident with many baffled by what had taken place.

One viewer tweeted: “OMFG huge respect to @surieofficial for carrying the song on after someone got her mic #EUROVISION #Eurovision2018 #GBR.”

“#Eurovision Surie smashed it but what just happened?? She's amazing #uk #Eurovision2018,” posted another.

A third begged: “Come on @Eurovision the United Kingdon #uk needs to sing again! Otherwise very unfair. #eurovision #Eurovision2018.”

“#Eurovision2018 well done #UK with the interruption,” wrote another.

A fifth said: "I am SO impressed with #SuRie that was so professional for something that must have been really scary #Eurovision."

"Now that is a f**king professional! She took that in her stride and knocked it out the park! #SuRie #GBR #eurovision," added another.

Graham later added: “What a dramatic turn of events for SuRie and the UK - but she turned it to her advantage and carried on.

“I can't stress enough what a brilliant job she did. It must have been terrifying in that moment.”

He also told how SuRie was offered to perform again, but made the decision not to.

The BBC said: “SuRie and her team are extremely proud of her performance and have together decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.”

The European Broadcasting Union, which runs the show, said the person responsible for the stage invasion is in police custody.

It was later revealed that SuRie’s microphone grabber was serial stage invader, self-titled “Dr A.C.”.

Tonight’s grand final has an estimated TV audience of 200 million.

SuRie's stage invasion moment was mentioned 20,092 times online within an hour, according to social intelligence company Brandwatch.

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