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WWE: How much do wrestlers get paid? The superstars’ salaries revealed

WWE wrestlers can look forward to a massive pay check if they are lucky enough to get a long term contract – but how much do the biggest stars get paid?

How much a WWE wrestler will rake in at the end of a year depends on their fitness and skill level.
Some of the show-stopping superstars are earning eye-watering salaries.

WWE was founded in 1952 and is worth nearly $3billion, according to CNN Money.

The wrestlers are guaranteed a base salary plus cuts of company revenue.

The stars will also add a portion of merchandise sales to their salary, usually 25% of licensing and 5% of direct sale profits.

A WWE star who regularly performs at main events can generally be guaranteed an annual salary in the millions.

WWE have said the average wrestler will make around $500,000 (£352,307) per year.

Who are the biggest earners in WWE?
Forbes has estimated that John Cena has overtaken Brock Lesnar as the highest paid WWE wrestler.

The global media company estimated last year he raked in $10million (£7million) – more than any other WWE superstar.

His earnings had increased $2million (£1.4million) from the previous year.

This was because he had more matches lined up, and an injury had plagued him in 2016.

For a single main event appearance Cena, the master of the Attitude Adjustment, gets paid $500,000 (£352,307) and 5% of merchandise sale.

Forbes also estimated he added $2million (£1.4million) to his WWE money from outside the sport.

This means that Lesnar is bumped down to the second spot, with $6.5million in earnings.

He has been on top of the highest-paid WWE stars list for a year thanks to his brief return to UFC in 2016.

At UFC 200 in July 2016 he took on Mark Hunt, earning a record $2.5million (£1.7million).

However, his retirement from UFC allowed him to take on more WWE events in 2017.

Cena has also juggled his WWE events with his Hollywood career, which is sure to see his net worth surge.

He most recently starred in the film Blockers.

Roman Reigns takes the third spot with $4.3million (£3million) in earnings.

The powerful star has featured in the last three WrestleMania main events, and last Sunday was his fourth.

In fourth place comes A. J. Styles, who pocketed $3.5million (£2.47million) in 2017.

Triple H worked hard in 2017, pulling in $1.5million (£1million) from his work in the ring alone.

However, he also works as a WWE executive, which adds on an extra $1.7million (£1.2million) to his salary. (Daily Star)

The list continues:

Randy Orton – $2.9million (£2million)

Seth Rollins – $2.7million (£1.9million)

The Undertaker – $2.5million (£1.7million)

Dean Ambrose – $2.2million (£1.5million)

Kevin Owens – $2million (£1.4million)

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