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World's Top 8 Celebrities Made Famous By Their Body Parts: Pics

Sometimes, people get deal a bumpy hand in your life. Everyone wants to get fame in their life and want to get large fan club in social media. And they try their best to shine at professional field, and then the paparazzi takes five looks at them and determine that their physical body is more fascinating than their professional work. It’s truly terrible what this world has become.

After years of studying and spending hour upon hour honing their physical appearance then their skills finally people watch their perfect craft, the only thing people manage to write about them in reviews is nothing short of ‘dat ass’. And yet these people carry on, heads held high. And finally they successes to get famed just because off their body size, shape, and their body.
To protest this filthy, filthy habit of judging celebrities by their cover look, let’s take a look at some iconic male and female celebrities covers who got fame from theory ass, chest, hair, eyes, smile and many other physical appearance rather then their skills. You can call it an ironic protest. Why not. Here are top 8 celebrities list with their fame.

8- Kylie Jenner’s Lips
This TV personality/reality star (neither of which are actual jobs) claims to never have had injections to her lips. Khloe Kardashian claims she did. I claim to not care.

7- Cara Delevingne’s Eyebrows
Well, they’re certainly out there.

6- Julia Roberts’ Smile
One of the widest smiles in Hollywood, how could anyone forget about her?

5- Kim Kardashian’s Butt
This other TV personality/reality star (still not an actual job) is known for having anything ranging from “a curvy backside” to “a lot of junk in her trunk”.

4- Miley Cyrus’ Abs
I can never have abs like this in my entire life. Daddy loves his beer too much. Gotta keep hydrated. It’s all that global warming. I want to change, honest.

3- Christina Hendricks’ Chest
I honestly can’t grasp the irony of being a great actress playing a feminist role in one of the best shows on TV and ending up in this article for what mother nature gave you. Sorry, Christina. You deserved better.

2- Jared Leto’s Hair
What, men can’t be objectified? Says who? Trump-voters? This guy has had every goddamn haircut known and unknown to man.

1- Cindy Crawford’s Mole
I prefer the French term “tache de beauté” since “mole” sounds like there’s someone on her face feeding sensitive information to the Russians.

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