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Full Features & Specifications of OPPO F7’s 25MP Selfie Camera is Even Better Than Predicted

It’s finally HERE! We speculated and waited for months, but finally OPPO F7 has launched. So does the F7 live up to all the hype? Turns out the rumours were true, because F7 is an incredible phone. It’s absolutely loaded with amazing features, so much so, that this could turn into a never-ending article. So instead of doing that, here are seven reasons why OPPO F7 is a must-have for anyone who loves to take selfies.

1. 25MP Sensor HDR Front Camera
When looking for a camera to take great selfies with, the hardware definitely matters. F7’s amazing 25MP camera combined with its real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology gives selfies a wider range of luminance levels, even in extreme lighting conditions, like bright sunlight or in the shade. This means, more details are captured to reveal a brighter, clearer and more vibrant selfie.
2. Improved AI Beauty 2.0 Technology
You know those amazing days when everything about you looks good? The OPPO F7 can make you look and feel like that, every single day. The F7 takes its predecessor’s AI technology to the next lever. With its improved AI Beauty 2.0 technology, it can precisely recognise and beautify each facial feature separately. The AI scans 290+ points on your face, matches it against a global database and then makes natural-looking enhancements to your selfie. It even provides different beautification touches for males and females in the same group selfie. Over time, the AI learns your preferences, based on the edits made to earlier photos, and automatically makes similar adjustments on subsequent photos taken on the phone.
With the F7, selfies look real and natural.

3. Super Full Screen 2.0
After you’ve taken epic selfies with your new F7, you’ll view them on an improved 6.2” FHD+ Super Full Screen with a 2280 x 1080 resolution, which is one of the highest in the industry. This larger screen gives you a more vivid and immersive experience, while still perfectly fitting into the palm of your hand. Every photo looks lifelike on the F7.

4. Augmented Reality Stickers
Augmented Reality filters are so much fun. You can turn yourself into a cute animal or look like a rockstar. But now, you don’t have to use an external app to get these effects. Augmented Reality (AR) Stickers come built-in with the F7. There are tons of different avatars for you to play around with and share easily with your friends.

5. Cover Shot Feature
The reason models on magazine covers look so good is because of all the attention given to detail. You can get the same effect with the Cover Shot feature, which allows you to play around with the colour saturation of a selfie, like enhancing the colour of your clothes and the background. Touch-up your selfies, be your own personal beauty artist.

Get the power to be your own personal beauty artist.

6. AI Album
Taking selfies is so much fun that we often forget what a drag it can be to organise all the photos in a way that allows you to easily find them later. Thankfully, the F7’s AI Album feature uses AI image recognition to automatically group photos by faces, places and scenes. This means no more endless scrolling, looking for your old vacation photos. Every photo you love is now just a tap away.

7. Unlock F7 with Your Face
How many times has this happened to you – you want to take a spontaneous selfie but by the time you unlock your phone, the moment is gone? This won’t be a problem with the F7 at all because you can unlock the phone in just 0.08 seconds, with your face. So, get used to unlocking your phone as you prep to take a selfie.

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