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Erin Holland opens up on life as the wife of an Australian cricket player

SHE is a model, performer and presenter – and recently a Commonwealth Games “competitor” – but Erin Holland can also add “psychologist” to her resume, revealing life as a cricket wag was “anything but easy.”

SHE is a model, performer and presenter but Erin Holland can also add “psychologist” to her resume, revealing life as a cricket wag was “anything but easy.”
The 29-year-old former Miss World, who has been dating Australian cricketer Ben Cutting for three years, said the pressures of professional sport can take its toll on both of them, which has hit home even more so amid the ball-tampering scandal that has rocked the nation.

Holland said she felt deep sympathy for the wives and girlfriends involved, saying the partner’s become like a “psychologist” for their athlete partner’s.

“My heart really goes out to the girls, because I do know how tough it can be on them too,” Holland said.

“Being a cricket wag is anything but easy. They travel so much, they’re away just as much as the boys are and they don’t see their families. I think they cop a bit of bad flack sometimes when people really have no idea what it actually entails. It’s not glamorous at all. You ride the roller coaster with them. Ben has played with everyone who’s been implicated and yeah, it’s a really devastating thing that has happened.

“I really feel for everyone involved in what I think was just a small lapse in judgment, a split second that’s ended up imploding into a massive situation.”

Cutting and Holland, who are in a long distance relationship with the model based in Sydney and the cricketer in Brisbane, attended the wedding of fellow Aussie cricketer Usman Khawaja last week, raising questions as to when the loved-up pair will get engaged.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” Holland laughed before taking part in the Optus Splashies celebrity swimming event as part of the Commonwealth Games.

“No I think we’re both really busy in our careers right now and happy with how everything is going.”

Holland is planning to head to India this week, where Cutting is playing in the lucrative Indian Premier League.

Originally published as Erin opens up: It’s a hard life being a wag

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