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15 WWE Superstars Who Live Extravagant Lifestyles

Top stars in WWE are paid very handsomely which enables them to live a very comfortable and lavish lifestyle.

The life of a wrestler can be a really exhausting one because of how they have to work for their promotions almost 24x7 and have a terribly hectic schedule when it comes to traveling and wrestling all around the world. The WWE stars are themselves especially worked to their absolute limit because of all the live events, but the WWE also repays their top stars handsomely by paying them good amounts of money for their hard work.
While the average pay of a WWE superstar isn't that much to live an extravagant lifestyle, the big stars are paid quite well by the company, who also give them shares of merchandise and PPV revenues as perks for their good work. While not all of them might get pushed as top stars in WWE, they are paid very handsomely which enables them to live a very comfortable and lavish lifestyle when they get some time off from wrestling. It's because of that they can buy some expensive assets and flaunt how rich they are in real life.

15 - Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin seems to have fallen down the pecking order on Smackdown Live recently, as he's no longer in contention of being the top heel of the Smackdown brand. The former US Champion might be going through a bit of a rough phase right now, but that hasn't stopped him from living the rich lifestyle. While he's working for WWE most of his time, Corbin loves living the extravagant lifestyle and even bought the same house which was once owned by The Undertaker and the Big Show! Along with that, Corbin also has a huge fascination for wrist-watches and himself tweeted about having at least six $12,000 watches on himself. He loves spending on stuff and isn't shy about showing off his expensive assets either which proves just how much of a rich lifestyle he lives when he's not fighting it out in the ring.

14 - Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio surprised everyone with an appearance in the Royal Rumble match this year, which kick-started rumors about him returning to the WWE. While it seems likely for him to return to WWE soon, but he can comfortably work in the Independent circuit knowing just how rich he is at this point. Mysterio is someone who loves to live the rich lifestyle and show off his money, as he has a collection of expensive cars including a customized Toyota Tundra Truck. Apart from that, Mysterio also has a humongous mansion which was featured in a WWE special where he gave a tour of his house which has an aquarium in the living room, a large backyard with a pool and waterfall as well! He invests it in reputable assets and him buying in as co-owner of a Mexican Wrestling Promotion proves just how well-to-do he still is.

13 - Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella has risen to become a mainstream superstar in the past few years where she's gotten more involved with the entertainment business and gained a lot of eyes because of her work in it. While Nikki might not appear in WWE so much these days, she is still one of the highest paid women on the roster and loves to show off her wealth by living a very rich lifestyle. It can only be seen in Total Divas and Total Bellas at how Nikki loves to spend a fortune on eating outside, traveling around with her sister and family and on dresses! She loves to flaunt her lavish lifestyle whenever she can and even co-owns a dream mansion with her fiance John Cena, as Nikki seems to be the perfect match for him because of how both of them love spending on expensive stuff to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle.

12 - Randy Orton
Randy Orton recently became a "Grand Slam" Champion in the WWE, something which he has deserved for a long time for his impeccable work for the company and because of his stardom, Orton is one of the highest paid guys in WWE. The Viper loves to show off his wealth in real life where he's bought two amazing mansions in the past few years, selling off his earlier on in Saint Charles recently. His new house itself is amazing as it has everything in it along with a big swimming pool as well. Orton's fascination for cars is also well-documented as he has a Hummer, which cost him close to $40,000. Orton also regularly takes time off for vacation with his fiance and kids, as he's proven to be someone who loves living the high-life whenever he gets time off from WWE.

11 - Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar has arguably been the hottest thing in the sports entertainment business for many years now as he’s been the highest paid guy in WWE and racked up $12 million last year alone! The Beast Incarnate is someone who doesn’t really show off that much in public, but that doesn’t stop him from living a very comfortable and extravagant lifestyle when he’s not destroying people in the ring. Lesnar currently lives in Canada in a huge mansion in a secluded area with wife Sable and his kids, but he has some beautiful homes in the USA as well. He’s known to have a terrific car collection, which includes a Bentley and a Porshe. Also, just because he didn’t like traveling with other WWE stars, Lesnar also purchased his own private jet which he travels around in, proving just how much of a rich lifestyle he’s leading.

10 - Goldberg
Goldberg proved that he still had the ability to thrill audiences when he returned to the WWE last year and even won the Universal Championship in a successful stint, for which he was paid A LOT of money by WWE. Goldberg might be extremely passionate when it comes to wrestling, but he also loves living an extravagant lifestyle and is known to splash the cash to make sure his life is absolutely smooth. Goldberg is known for his amazing car-collection as he has more than 10 expensive cars in his garage, including American muscle cars like Dodge, Shelby, and Chevy. He is someone who loves his car and also his amazing house, which he bought for $2.5 million in 2016. The Mediterranean house has a garage which can keep 8 cars as well as a huge swimming pool and is something in which Goldberg can peacefully live his luxurious lifestyle.

9 - John Cena
John Cena might have lost his position as the “Face of WWE”, but he’s still an integral part of the company because of his overwhelming popularity and is still one of the highest paid guys in WWE and to reflect his wealth, Cena loves living the rich lifestyle. The 16 Time World Champion moved into a humongous, luxurious mansion with Nikki Bella a few years ago which definitely cost a lot of money. The house has its own private boat dock, outdoor swimming pool, cigar room and a clothing room as well! Cena also has an obsession with fast cars and owns over 15 supercars, including the likes of Ford GT, Chevrolet Corvette, and Ford Mustang GT. He’s definitely showing off his wealth the right way and years at the top have earned him the chance to live an extravagant lifestyle.

8 - Alicia Fox
Alicia Fox might not be the most liked female wrestler in the Women's Division right now, but she's definitely a "veteran" because of the number of years she's been with the WWE. Fox has almost completed a decade in the WWE and even though she's mostly been a lower-mid carder, she has constantly been paid good money by WWE and the reality TV show Total Divas. That has enabled her to live a very extravagant lifestyle and when she's not on the road, she has a lavish five bedrooms, five-bathroom house to go home to in Florida. She also has a number of expensive cars like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Range Rovers and despite not having married yet unlike most of her peers, she's living the rich lifestyle and treating herself with some very expensive stuff.

7 - Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy might have gone through a rather "Woken" transformation lately in the WWE, but it's for sure that he isn't that bizarre in real life at all. While Hardy might be excelling at this weird character of his, he is being paid a good amount of money by WWE since returning and has always been a big draw where-ever he's wrestled for. It is because of that Matt can live a rather extravagant lifestyle with his wife Reby and kids and the "Woken One" has a huge mansion to show off his wealth. The "Broken Mansion" might seem bizarre in the "Deletion" videos but it is, in fact, a huge one and Hardy definitely put in a lot of money for the Hardy compound. His compound has everything from a lake to a wrestling ring and Hardy loves showing off his wealth with that huge mansion of his.

6 - Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder has once again fallen into obscurity in the WWE who don't seem to have anything planned for him after giving him somewhat of a push last year. Ryder has also been associated with WWE for a long time and despite being a lower-mid carder, gets paid pretty lavishly because of his loyalty to the company. Instead of saving up his money, Ryder loves to spend it to enable him in living the extravagant lifestyle and spends his money on some very unique stuff. Ryder has a huge WWE retro toy collection which must've cost him A LOT of money to attain and also has been living the high life recently when he's taken some time off to go vacationing with his girlfriend, Laurel Van Ness. Ryder loves living the rich lifestyle and despite not being pushed much by WWE, he loves comfortably spending his free-time from work.

5 - The Miz
The Miz is coined as the "A-lister" by the WWE because of his gimmick of him being a Hollywood star and while he isn't really that, he definitely loves to live up to his gimmick and live the extravagant lifestyle like a movie star would. The Miz is someone who gets paid a lot of money by WWE and got a big hike when he signed a new contract recently and he loves spending it to live a rich lifestyle. The Miz recently put his Hollywood Hills house on sale for $3.65 million dollars, but that was only because he had bought a huge mansion elsewhere which is probably worth way more. The Miz also loves spending on cars and his wife Maryse and has done everything possible for his daughter to be brought up a lavish manner and so that she lives the rich lifestyle he couldn't in his youth.

4 - Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt has been on a bit of a downward spiral in the WWE recently, with the company "deleting" him after he lost the Ultimate Deletion match against "Woken" Matt Hardy. Despite being someone whose job is to put everyone else over at this point, Wyatt does get paid quite a lot by WWE and contrary to popular belief, he loves to live a very lavish lifestyle. Ever since his shocking divorce from his wife, Wyatt's crazy obsession with spending money on expensive things has come to light as he's actually spent a lot of money in showering girlfriend Jojo with gifts. He apparently hasn't been paying his ex-wife Samantha the child support money and been buying expensive assets instead, including a $28,000 Dodge Challenger car. Wyatt seems to be quite the show-off in real life and despite going through a rough patch in WWE, is enjoying an extravagant lifestyle with Jojo behind the curtain.

3 - Rusev & Lana
Rusev and Lana have been a dominant couple in the WWE for a number of years and have attained a lot of popularity because of how much beloved they are. The two love to spend time together whenever they can and also live quite the rich lifestyle when they're not wrestling in the WWE. A few years ago, they bought a house in Nashville which cost them around $644k and is over 11 acres of land with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also has a basketball court, pond and hot tub as well and the two also spent a lot of money on their wedding ceremonies too. It was evident from snaps that they had a rich wedding for which Rusev gave Lana a very expensive ring. The two have been house-hunting for another mansion recently, proving their hunger for an even more extravagant lifestyle.

2 - Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan is looking set to make his WWE return years after being fired from the company following his controversies, but these few years hasn't really been that difficult financially for the Hulkster. While he did attain a lot of humiliation for the controversies, Hogan is someone who is living the rich lifestyle for a LONG time now and him winning all that money from the Gawker trial only enhanced it. After the trial, Hogan bought another mansion worth $1.6 million next to his Florida House which itself is $3 million worth. The new mansion is a 2,000 square foot home which has a beach-side view for him and his family to relax. Hogan definitely loves living the rich lifestyle and isn't afraid of showing it off either and years of popularity has helped him continue flaunting his wealth over all these years.

1 - Ric Flair
“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is someone who is known to be “living his gimmick” because of how similar he is in real life to his kayfabe character and it seems like he has made the gimmick his own life. Ever since attaining fame, Flair has been wheelin’ and dealin’, spending a lot of money on expensive stuff and living a very luxurious lifestyle. Flair has been broke on more than one occasion in his life, but that has never stopped him from refraining from living a rich lifestyle as he loves partying hard and having a good time. Flair currently lives in an amazing mansion despite his financial problems and has the reputation of blowing away all the money he earns because of this lavish lifestyle, but this same extravagant way of living could end up costing him someday. (The Sportster)

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