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Is Saba Qamar Going to Marry with Arslan Faisal? after she share a photo on social Media

According to social media reports now everyone discussing Pakistani bold Film & TV actress Saba Qamar after she upload her picture with Arslan Faisal on Instagram. Saba Qamar hugs Arslan in picture. Is he husband or boyfriend of Saba Qamar.
She also celebrate her new year 2018 night with him. Arslan Faisal is son of Pakistani top TV actress Saba Faisal. He also upload same picture on his social media account. Saba share more pictures with Arslan family on new year eve. Many people saying she love him and both are going to marry.
But in Arslan post he says 'We are just good friends'. Time will reveal the relationship of both is they are friends or they are going to become life partners in coming days.

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