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Dove Cameron Still Gets Butterflies & Rosy Cheeks With Thomas Doherty

You know that feeling when you see your crush from a mile away — the butterflies flapping their wings so hard inside your stomach just wanting to get out and that tomato-red blush that always, always, always creeps up on your cheeks?

Well, Dove Cameron still gets those every time she’s with or just thinks about boyfriend Thomas Doherty.

“wow love is real. it’s a real thing, we can’t pretend it’s not,” she wrote on Twitter over the weekend, talking about love with her fans. “It sometimes feels like it’s fake but it’s so real!! it’s actually the only thing that’s real. are you feeling me on this? are you meeting me here? sleep on it.”

When one fan pointed out that it was all just chemicals, Dove was inclined to agree to disagree with that.

“I kinda do believe love is the exception to everything. There’s definitely chemicals in there, but love is a golden magic liquid binding otherworldly exception to all rules,” she added. “It’s beyond science. but honestly that’s chill cause it’s the only thing that’s relevant.”

And she gets all the chills and butterflies and everything around Thomas still, a year after they first started dating.

“Literally every moment,” Dove says. “Like. Laughing and giggling and eyes sparkling and butterflies and adrenaline and chills and rosy cheeks.” (Just Jared Jr.)

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