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Pakistani Sexy & Hot actress Mahira Khan speaks up on sexual harassment

Pakistani actress hot and sexy Mahira Khan opines that many things contribute to rape and harassment but the victim's conduct is not one of them.

The actress, who plays role of a rape victim in Shoaib Mansoor's new film 'Verna', has recently expressed her views on sexual misconduct and workplace harassment, the two commonly misinterpreted themes within the country.

Speaking to BBC World News on promotion for her upcoming film 'Verna', the actress said she has been lucky for not coming across any instances of harassment, be it sexual or otherwise throughout her career.

"I have been lucky with the people that I've worked with ─ and I have worked with very few people," she said.
Taking up on rising harassment concerns, she elaborated that her actions have nothing to do with how she is treated.

"It doesn't matter how I conduct myself or what I wear or how I speak or where I sit or what I do. That does not allow anybody to harass me", Mahira said.

She added that if a woman has avoided harassment, it's not because she's better than her peers. Perhaps it was just luck. Dressing a certain way doesn't cause or avoid harassment, but the harassers are those who cause it.

Responding to queries on how emerging actresses can escape harassment, she said nobody is permitted to harass someone because of their conduct or how they dress.

"So I am not gonna say I had a 'good conduct' or a 'certain conduct', and that's the reason I wasn't harassed. No, that would be the wrong answer," she added.

Mahira brought that she started acting at a relatively older age than her peers, after she became a mother, drawing towards that perhaps she wasn't as vulnerable as she may have been as a teenager.

“Predators go after girls that are much younger and more vulnerable”, she said “they may not be in a position to speak up or speak out."

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