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Super Sexy Scandalized Model/ Film & TV Actress Saba Qamar Complete Biography/HD Photos

Original Name: Sabahat Qamar Zamaan

Saba Qamar Height: 5’7 ft

Saba Qamar Date of Birth: 5th April, 1984

Current Age: 31 years

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Pakistan

Saba Qamar Home Town: Gujranwala Pakistan

Saba Qamar Weight: 57 Kg

Saba Qamar Measurements: 34-25-35 inches

Engaged to: Farhan Ahmed (Her Cousin)

Saba Qamar is a gorgeous Pakistani Actress and Model born on 5th April 1984. The actress is a very versatile one as she has done roles with a lot of variety. Saba Qamar has an edge as she has a very photogenic face and an ideal height for show biz. Her appealing personality and expressions were her lucky charms which made her famous in the industry in very short span. Saba Qamar has a very charming face and resemblance with Indian Actresses which made it very easy for her to create a place in the drama industry of Pakistan. Apart from good looks the actress does have appreciable acting skills. She has done many heart touching roles and has provided quality dramas to the people of Pakistan, when on screen Saba Qamar is the actress who knows how to keep the attention of audience on screen, she has done many strong roles that earned her awards and those were well deserved awards.
Saba Qamar Family Life

Saba Qamar is said to be from a very well settled and rich family, Saba Qamar was born in Gujrawala and she has spent most of her life before entering showbiz with her grandmother. It is said that she lost her father in a very young age but her family is settled in Karachi. Saba Qamar belongs to a family where she didn’t have financial crisis, she chose acting and modeling as a profession based on her personal interest. Saba Qamar’s original name was Sabahat Qamar but she changed her name and emerged as Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar. She got her early education in Gujrawala as she spent most of her life there.
Saba Qamar Dramas

If Saba Qamar’s drama list is analyzed, one thing would be seen for sure that she has done solid and strong roles which seem to be unforgettable. Her work really speaks for her talent. Her drama portfolio has many famous and award winning dramas, the list includes:
2.Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai
4.Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye
5.Tera Pyar Nahi Bhoolay
6.Main Chaand Si
9.Kanpur Se Katas Tak
12.Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay
13.Jinnah Ke Naam
15.Main Aurat Hoon
17.Khalda Ka Wada
18.Nadia Naam Ki Larki
19.Muhabbat Yunhi Bhi Hoti Hai
21.Kahin Tum Kahin Hum
22.Amr Bail
23.Wo Subh Kab Aayegi
25.Pani Jaisa Pyar
26.Teri Ek Nazar
Saba Qamar Main Achievements

Saba Qamar’s reason of fame is her quality of work, her debut drama was ‘Main hoon Aurat’ on aired through PTV. Her main recognition is through her show very well known as ‘Hum Sab Umeed Se HAin’ in which she has been so much versatile that her true talent was given chance to be showed to the audience. Her acting skills in dramas like Jo Chalay To Jaan Se Guzar Gaey, Dastaan,and Pani Jaisa Piyar have been tremendous and got huge response from the audience.

In sixteenth Annual PTV Awards 2011, Saba Qamar Pakistani actress and model won the PTV award for best TV actress in each public and jury class selection.
Pakistani Hot and Sexy Scandalized Model/Actress Saba Qamar pics

Is Saba Qamar Married?

The question about is Saba Qamar married or not? Or even about Saba Qamar husband has been asked so any times even directly by her. Saba Qamar says that she wants to be safe from al fake scandals and says that she will answer this question straight forward. According to saba Qamar she is married to her cousin who is in PAF but nothing like that has been openly disclosed in front of media

Saba Qamar Scandals
Like any other actress Saba Qamar is also not free from the scandals of the show biz world, it is said right that when you come under the limelight of show biz nothing of your life stays personal. Whether it is something big or small everything of your life is media’s business more than your own.

Saba Qamar is said to have a very steamy relation with Hamza Ali Abbasi her costar, even their pictures were also released which both the actors denied saying that they are good friends but don’t see themselves anywhere in a relationship. It was always said that they are just working on Hamza Ali’s film Kambakht that is mis judged by media people.

The Second Saba Qamar scandal was rumored to be with the maker of the her famous show ‘Ham Sab Umeed Se Hain’ and the third scandal is said to be with the famous actor Nauman Ejaz but this scandal has also been just rumored without any solid proof.

Saba Qamar without Makeup
Saba Qamar has huge fan following and fans keep on searching for Saba Qamar pictures, Saba Qamar wallpapers, Saba Qamar height, Saba Qamar education, Saba Qamar Dance, her wedding scandals and no makeup pictures
The actress is naturally beautiful and has attractive features, her no makeup pictures are even good looking. Saba Qamar has not focused much on walking on the ramp but hse has worked in so many ads and TV Serials
Saba Qamar TV Commercials

Saba Qamar has done a lot of TV commercials, her charming face has been utilized so well her work includes TV ads of brands and products including Ufone, Qarshi Jaam e Sherin, Sooper biscuit,Fresh Up Bubble, 50-50 biscuit, Care beauty cream, Kollege blue cream, face fresh and many more.

She has also done music videos including Abrar ul haq’s Boliyan music video (2004) and Abrar ul haq’s Rano music video (2007). Saba Qamar has a lot of humor in her work too, in her show Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain she has given such an marvelous performance. Saba Qamar a 5.7 ft taal actress/ model is loved by her fans a lot.
Saba Qamar fans are always in search of new stuff about her, this article pretty much sums up everything about her. Her fame and her popularity caused her to be on various morning shows as guest as well. Saba Qamar is a very talented and skillful actress she knows how to be versatile. She has made a special place in the hearts of fans and she surely will stay for long if she continues to give more awesome Saba Qamar Daramas.

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