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Taiwanese actress Hannah Quinlivan at Dr Wu Charity Conference in Taipei

Hannah Quinlivan, also known as Kun Ling. She was born on 12 August 1993. She is a Taiwanese model and actress of Australian and Taiwanese-Korean descent.
 In November 2014, Hannah Quinlivan confirmed her relationship with singer Jay Chou. The couple had been dating since 2010, but had first met each other when she was an employee of a clothing shop that Jay invested in when she was 14. In December 2014, Chou announced that he would marry Hannah Quinlivan on his 36th birthday.
 The two eventually had their wedding planned by Sarah Haywood in England. It took place in Selby Abbey, North Yorkshire on 17 January 2015, one day before Chou's birthday. A private wedding ceremony open to friends and family occurred on 9 February in Taipei. A third reception, this time in Australia, was held in March. According to Chou's official Facebook page, the couple has been registered for marriage since July 2014. On July 10, 2015, Hannah gave birth to a daughter by Caesarian section.

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