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Nick Names of Top Bollywood Star Actress/Actors

Names are a person's first identity. Apart from having a regular official name, people have lots of nick names showered by the loved ones. Here are some Bollywood celebrities with really funny nicknames.
Kareena Kapoor: The Kapoor family is known for their weird nicknames, and Kareena Kapoor is no different. Her family and now friends call her ‘Bebo’. In fact she was referred to by this name in a song in the film ‘Kambakht Ishq’.
Hrithik Roshan: The nickname of this handsome Bollywood actor is ‘Duggu’. Hrithik's grandma gave this pet name to Hrithik as his father, Rakesh Roshan was called ‘Guddu’ and they wanted Hrithik to have a similar pet name.
Sonam Kapoor: The ‘Khoobsurat’ actress has gone on record to admit that there was a time when her father (Anil Kapoor) referred to her as ‘Giraffe’, though the reason is still unknown but it might be because of Sonam Kapoor`s height.
Saif Ali Khan: Nawab Saif Ali Khan who recently got married to Kareena Kapoor is also known by his nickname. The ‘Chote Nawab’ (his other nickname) is known to family and friends as ‘Saifu’.
Alia Bhatt: Alia was fat before making her Bollywood debut with ‘Student of the Year’. The actress had several funny nicknames which linked with her figure. As per media reports, Alia once said, “My mom calls me ‘Aloo Kachaalu’. Some people call me ‘Batata Vada’, ‘Aloo Baalu’ and ‘Aloo Kalu’. My sister calls me ‘Alools’”.
Ranbir Kapoor: Actor Ranbir Kapoor’s mother Neetu Singh Kapoor refers to her son as ‘Raymond’ because she believes Ranbir Kapoor is a complete man.
Priyanka Chopra: Apart from being named ‘Pee Chee’ and ‘Piggy Chops’, Priyanka Chopra also has another nickname, ‘Mimi’ which is inspired after the famous French diva, Mimi Rogers.
Shilpa Shetty: Shilpa Shetty`s original nickname is ‘Manya’, but her mom calls her ‘Babucha’, which means Honeybunch.
Shraddha Kapoor: Shraddha's childhood friend Varun Dhawan, has given the funnies nickname to the Bollywood actress ‘Chirkoot’.
Karishma Kapoor: Karishma Kapoor is known to her loved ones as ‘Lolo’.
Amitabh Bachchan: This is one nickname which has become synonymous with Amitabh Bachchan and it is perhaps the most famous nickname of all. Though it is quite unlikely anyone calls him ‘Big B’ at home. News Source

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