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Bella Thorne, Dove Cameron, Nude Photos: Disney Channel Actresses Have Alleged Graphic Images Leaked Online

Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron appear to be among the victims of the massive hack that’s left hundreds of previously private images online.

Cameron, 18, and Thorne, 16, are best known for their roles on Disney Channel shows–Liv Rooney in “Liv and Maddie” and “CeCe Jones on “Shake It Up,” respectively.

Cameron was on the original so-called master list of names of women who were allegedly victims of the hack, but Thorne was not.
Two alleged nude photos of Cameron appeared on 4chan on Saturday. Before they was taken down, it was captured and re-uploaded to Reddit’s image sharing website, Imgur, along with a regular selfie where a girl that appears to be Cameron is fully clothed. The pictures are all unverified. 

If the pictures were taken before January 15 of this year, Cameron was underage. Crackdowns on 4chan and Reddit started after pictures of McKayla Maroney, in which the Olympic gymnast was purportedly underage, were targeted by her lawyers.

If there are pictures circulating of Thorne, then she is definitely underage in them since she’s 16. Some users on Reddit are upset that people would be sharing such photos, while others noted that it’s hard to find the pictures that are purportedly of her.

“Good luck finding them,” one user remarked.

“I’ve been seeing Bella Thorne’s name pop up a lot on 4chan which is pretty [expletive] cuz she’s 16…” said another, to which another user replied “4chan doesn’t give a [expletive] how old they are if they’re hot.”

In another thread, one user said in reference to the numerous pictures appearing online recently, “There’s even Bella Thorne floating around out there.”

The pictures of Thorne, if there are any, are also unverified.

Neither actress has commented on the purported pictures.

Former Disney actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Jennette McCurdy are among the other victims of the hack.

Activity in regards to the hack and subsequent posting of the photos had died down in the last couple weeks but exploded on Friday and Saturday (September 19 and September 20), with new Jennifer Lawrence pictures surfacing as well as ones of Hope Solo, Hayden Panettiere, and others.

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